A Message From Your Hotel Committee Regarding Crew Care Reports

Dear Members,
Your Hotel Committee wishes to remind you about the importance of filling out crew care reports, both positive and negative.
When inspections are being conducted on new and/or existing properties we rely heavily on the information we have on hand from you.  All crew care reports are sent to the union and the company for review.  Your union reviews all reports and compiles them to ensure we have updated information on the hotels in the system, this is applicable to both Mainline Air Canada and Rouge.
We get countless emails on wait times in hotels, and have noticed that this trend has certainly spiked recently.  We would like to remind all members that your hotel committee does not negotiate a meal or amenity to take place when you are left waiting for a room.  When we do site inspections the idea is that when crews show up at a hotel, they be met with a room to start resting and relaxing.
Please continue to report wait time issues through crew care, please do not rely on the Serve Director/Lead to do this, we each are accountable and should be filling it out and generating a report.
We are currently in the full swing of hotel inspections, for both mainline and rouge, and want to ensure the issues present to all members are addressed in a timely fashion.
Please never hesitate to reach out.
Hotel and transportation reporting:
For mainline crews:
On Globe under “Tools and References” you will find the tab “Crew Scheduling and Planning” once you click on this link, you will select “CrewCare”. 
For rouge crews:
ACaeronet – click “Rouge” tab – under In-Flight Service – Manuals-Forms – CrewCare
In Solidarity,
Wesley Lesosky
Component Hotel Committee