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B12.01       GENERAL:  A Regular Blockholder may request or be involved in a maximum of three (3) trip exchanges of blocked flights in a block month, provided they do not result in the exchange of an entire block.


B12.02       PROCEDURE:  The Regular Blockholder requesting the trip exchange shall provide a minimum of forty‑eight (48) hours’ advance notice to the Crew Resource Centre,  which shall approve or reject the trip exchange within twenty‑four (24) hours by notice to the block­holders involved.


NOTE:       These time limits may be waived by the Crew Resource Centre as required in exceptional or extenuating circum­stances.


B12.03       APPROVAL:  A trip exchange shall be approved, subject to classifi­cation and language requirements, where the supervisor is satisfied that the blockholders will be legal in all respects to operate the remainder of their blocks and will have had sufficient rest and relaxation for the performance of their duties.



B12.03.01 A trip exchange will not normally be approved where it does not conform with normal blocking practices.


B12.03.02 No trip exchange will be denied because of language requirements unless such exchange results in less than the minimum language requirement on that pairing.


B12.04 A long flight sequence or trip may be exchanged for two (2) or more short flight sequences or trips that operate on consecutive days.  This shall be considered as one (1) trip exchange.


B12.05 The blockholders involved may slide their guaranteed days off either forwards or backwards, including retroactively in that month, in order to complete a trip exchange.


B12.06 Trip exchanges shall be allowed in order to permit Regular Block­holders to operate flights in their new block month for which they would otherwise be illegal, providing they meet the qualifications and legalities outlined in B12.03.