days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.


All appropriate modifications to the Collective Agreement for PBS will be finalized after the provisions of Item 7(b) of the May 2003 MOU are either agreed to or arbitrated.

B2.01 The Union shall designate three regional blocking representatives allocated as follows:
                           One (1) for Eastern Canada (YHZ, YUL)
                           One (1) for Central Canada (YYZ)
                           One (1) for Western Canada (YWG, YYC, YVR)

                 Their role is to represent the Base scheduling committees at the Crew Resource Centre in accordance with Article B2.02.

B2.02       Blocks shall be prepared by the Company in cooperation with the designated regional representatives.

B2.03       In order to ensure that Cabin Personnel will be aware of the approximate bid deadline date each month, such date will never be earlier than fifteen (15) days prior to the end of the current block month, and the bid period will be no less than six (6) days.

B2.04       Flying time on a block incorrectly indicated as a result of error in the typing, addition and/or printing, shall be subject to correction for pay purposes and limitations.

B2.05       Regular blocks will be established as close to the applicable maximum flight time limitation as practicable and will provide a consistent pattern of duty days and days off so that flying will be spread throughout the month.

NOTE:      A block overlap flight or flight sequence in the current month will indicate only scheduled block to block flight time for pay and limitation purposes.  However, all credits will be paid in accordance with L16.01 ‑ Scheduled Block Overlap.

B2.06       Regular and supplemental blocks will indicate classification and language requirements.

NOTE:      For charter flights, language requirements will be designated by the Company dependent upon passenger complement, in accordance with safety, sales and service requirements.

B2.07       Reserve blocks will indicate sequences of duty days, days off and classification.

B2.08       SUPPLEMENTAL BLOCKS: Supplemental blocks shall be constructed from any available open flights after the block award, except for those flights required to pre‑plan observation or training for Reserve Blockholders.

B2.08.01       Supplemental blocks shall be constructed as domestic or overseas by aircraft type to the extent practicable.

B2.08.02       The total number of supplemental blocks which are expected to be available shall be forecast according to classification and language requirements.

B2.09       Where an In‑Charge employee operates a ferry flight as a designated working crew member, regular and supplemental blocks will be published to show flight time credits for all block to block flight time worked.