20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001

On the 20th anniversary of a momentous time in the airline industry we believe that it is crucial to reflect on this day and the profound impact it has had on so many. There were families who lost loves ones and this horrific act caused us to be faced with a very harsh reality.  The impact of this day lives on in us all.  We must remember that complacency is not our friend and that our vigilance will always be required. The job of flight attendant is one in which we wear many hats.  It is an honourable profession and one which bears the weight of many inflight challenges. We are all a little wiser with each passing day and honour those that have come before.

We are certain that those of you who were old enough to remember, can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing on that day.  It is our belief that on this anniversary we can take time to remember and to hug those close to us a little tighter and to vow to never forget those who sacrificed so much and lost so much on that day.

In solidarity,


Coronavirus Update 39

As we unfortunately see a rise in cases of COVID-19 cases on flights as well as  amongst employees, we would like to remind you of some union initiatives as well as provide guidance should you fall ill.

For Rouge members, a version of this bulletin specific to your workplace will be issued shortly.

Mask Compliance:
Mask usage onboard remains one of the primary methods of source control. Masks protect others, so when customers don’t comply it puts you at increased risk. It’s for this reason that you have a requirement to report non-compliance to Air Canada/ Air Canada Rouge using a disruptive passenger e-report. This helps your H&S committees do their work and provides valuable data to the company and Transport Canada so that the problem can be monitored.

NOTE: The most recent IFS news stated that an individual e-report should be filed for each infraction. This is neither practical nor realistic for crew members who are routinely experiencing non-compliance in the high double-digits on many flights. Your Union will repeat its previous message, which also reflects discussions at the company health and safety committees: Any report is better than no report. If necessary, itemize multiple cases on the same flight taking care to make note of the flight number, seat, date and general description of the behaviour. Disruptive passenger e-reports contain many sections for information that you may not have. Complete what you know and submit.

The Union is also asking you advise us here of compliance issuesMask non-compliance form This will allow us to monitor the situation and to ensure we also have clear information on problematic routes and destinations.  This information will NOT be shared with the company in detail, and it does not replace the formal reporting process.

Resources and guidance including when it is appropriate to request compliance can be found on ACAeronet > ePub > COVID-19 Tile > Face covering policy

If you fall ill with COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms:

  1. You must not come to work if you feel ill. Use the company’s COVID-19 wellness check tool Main Page > More News > COVID-19 Updates>Wellness check tool
  2. Ensure to book off and take appropriate precautions if you develop symptoms and to contact IFScontacttracing@aircanada.ca if you could have been in contact with any company personnel within the 14 days leading up to illness. This will allow their team to notify any affected workers so that they can also take appropriate precautions. We strongly suggest copying the union contact@accomponent.ca .
  3. Ensure to file a work-related injury/illness e-report if you have reason to suspect you became ill due to an exposure at work (ex. If you were notified of an exposure on a previous flight). Only reported illness is tracked and investigated by the h&s committees.
  4. File for workers compensation / WIP if applicable.
  5. On layover, call Medaire (ML) or Allianz (RG) who will evaluate you and provide guidance and medical care if necessary.

A reminder that reporting is crucial to the health and safety process. The Union recently released two bulletins in response to many questions and comment from members. They can be consulted at the links below.

Reporting bulletin

Reporting FAQ bulletin

The Union continues to uphold its members rights by supporting them and has filed an appeal at the Canada Industrial Relations Board to a work refusal decision of no danger related to certain recent service increases.

The Union reminds its members that the right to refuse dangerous work is an individual right and decision. Further information about the work refusal process can be found by emailing rtr@accomponent.ca and consulting chapter 2 in the FAM.

In Solidarity,

Settlement of CHQ-21-18

The Union would like to advise that we have reached a settlement for the recently filed grievance regarding the Company’s violation of our block rules at the end of the August 2021 block month. To see a copy of grievance CHQ-21-18 click HERE.

The general terms of the settlement are as follows:

  • The Company will apply a 50% premium to flights that had managers assigned to them during the full August 2021 block month;
  • The company will retroactively provide a 100% premium for Voluntary Extension for the entire August 2021 block month. Those that did VE flying at the start of the August 2021 block month will now also receive this 100% premium;
  • The Company will also pay $100.00 per Cabin Personnel who operated a B5 domestic or overseas widebody flight leg that was short crewed during the August 2021 block month.

A full copy of the MOS can be accessed HERE. Unfortunately these changes were not finalized prior to the payroll extract, so will not be included on your August block pay and instead will be included on your October 17, 2021 paycheque.
The Union will continue to monitor drafting and short crewing occurrences and has already seen considerable improvements since the start of the September block month. We are also happy to see a steady stream of recalls continuing over the past few weeks and are very hopeful that the staffing shortages of last month are not repeated.

We continue to appreciate the reports coming in so that we may continue to address the realities you are facing with short crewing, drafting, and health and safety concerns.

In solidarity,

Recall Notices – September 1, 2021

The Union is happy to announce that the Company has just advised us that there will be an additional 330 recall notices going out shortly for Cabin Crew positions at Air Canada Mainline. In addition, there will be 169 recall notices going our for Cabin Crew position at Air Canada Rouge.

All members will be recalled to their point of layoff in this batch. This means that Rouge members are being recalled to their Rouge base, and Mainline members are being recalled to their Mainline base.

The recalls to Mainline and Rouge will take effect on September 15, 2021 and you must accept your recall within 7 days. The most junior member being offered a recall has a 2021 seniority of 34240.

All members being recalled will be notified via registered letter.  Please note that due to COVID-19, there may be some delays in these letters reaching you. To compensate for this the Company will also be advising all those recalled via Company email and a courtesy phone call.  Please check your recall notice for more details. To ensure delivery of your recall response we suggest using your Air Canada email account.

As a reminder the Collective Agreement says the following about recalls:

17.16.02  An employee on laid-off status shall be notified by the applicable company, of the first available assignment either at Air Canada Mainline or at Air Canada Rouge to which his/her seniority entitles him. Failure to advise the applicable company within seven (7) calendar days of the registered postmark date of his/her desire to be considered for the assignment shall disqualify him for the assignment.

Recall notice shall be sent by registered mail to the last address filed with the company.

The Company will reach out to you via registered letter to the last address you have listed with the employer.  You have 7 calendar days to reply to the employer if you intend on accepting your recall, from the date the letter was post marked.  We have been advised that the letters will go out today, September 1, 2021.

Do I have to accept a position back to my home base?  Can I decline the recall coming back to where I was laid off from?

As per Article 17.16.04 the following is applicable:

17.16.04  If the employee is notified of a permanent assignment at the point of layoff, s/he must accept, and report for duty within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date notice was sent. An acceptance of permanent assignment at other than the point of layoff shall be optional for the individual concerned; however, should s/he accept, s/he shall report for duty within twenty-one (21) calendar days from the date of registered postmark. This time limit may be extended by Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge, as applicable, under extenuating circumstances.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for clarity on the process or any concerns that you may have.

In solidarity,