PBS Enhancements – Release 21-3

PBS Release 21-3 has been installed. This update includes a new feature and several enhancements to    PBS. A reminder about supported browsers, devices and operating systems as well as a further update to the sunsetting of the Old UI are also included in this bulletin.

Please click HERE to view the full bulletin.


Crew members have reported display issues with the Portal. The In-Flight Service tab is not available:

As a result, many crew members do not have access to the link for PBS. Please use the Alternate Access:
https://acapbs.navblue.aero/webapp  for the New UI
https://acapbs.navblue.aero  for the Old UI

The Company is aware of the problem and they are actively working with IBM and Air Canada IT in order to resolve the issue.

For more information on bidding with PBS please contact your local PBS Representative

YUL:  spp.pbs4091@gmail.com
YYZ:  pbsyyz@gmail.com
YYC:  pbs@local4095.ca
YVR:  pbs@local4094.ca