PBS – Old User Interface (U.I.) – Sunset Period Update

An announcement was sent out 3 months ago advising of the upcoming decommissioning of the Old UI based on our PBS software provider NavBlue’s timelines. Since then, we have been reviewing both new and recurring issues with the New UI. While almost all of these are corrected by clearing your browser’s cache and web data, some require a modification to the software itself. NavBlue has acknowledged our reported increase in the need for crew members to manually clear their cache. They have created a fix to address the issue and it will be available in the next PBS release. At the same time, they have agreed to postpone the decommissioning of the Old UI to a subsequent release. There will therefore be an extension to the sunset period of the Old UI until the end of January 2022. Once the testing and installation of the fixes mentioned above are completed, we will inform you of the new timeline for the decommissioning of the Old UI.

In the meantime, the Old UI remains available. However, NavBlue will no longer be able to update it beyond its current state, release 21-2 installed in August. For the go forward, any new features, changes or enhancements made to the New UI will not be reflected in the Old UI. Therefore, we encourage you to migrate to the New UI as soon as possible.

The following New UI reference documents are available as an attachment below, on ACaeronet under Crew Scheduling & Planning >Bidding Tools & Information >Scroll down to Bulletins and on the CUPE Component website under Resources >PBS Bidder’s Guide & Bulletin Updates:

Your Local PBS Committee is an invaluable source of information. They routinely provide links to all PBS reference documents, YouTube videos showing the New UI and some even offer live online Zoom sessions to help you with the transition. For further assistance with the New UI and bidding, please contact your Local PBS Committee:

PBS: Access Reminders

PBS is a web-based system available either through the Air Canada portal (acaeronet) or directly via a link entered into your browser’s address bar. To access PBS from your computer or device you use a “browser” such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc. While any of these browsers may allow you to access web sites on the internet, not all of them may be completely compatible with PBS. This is because the interaction between PBS and a browser demands that each work with the other in specific ways and not all browsers work in the same way.

To make a system like PBS efficient it may not be able to interact exactly the way in which the browser requires. So as PBS and the various browsers evolve, they may not work together as well as they should. To ensure that compatibility exists, NavBlue writes their software to work with specific operating systems and browsers. Other browsers and operating systems may work, however there is no guarantee or support if these “non-supported” devices, operating systems and/or browsers do not work properly.

Please click HERE to view the full bulletin.

PBS Bid Close For September 2021

The entry requirements for HKG are changing and In-Flight Service issued a Globe message earlier today. PBS Bid Close has been extended in order to give you time to adjust your bid. This will not affect the Award Publish and/or Contesting dates and times. Please see the new Bid Close time below: