Crew Care Reports

Dear Members,
The Union reviews the Crew Care reports on a daily basis and when problems arise it is our responsibility to work with the Company to come to a conclusion and fix any unaddressed or unresolved issues.  At the Component level we deal with the Company on an almost daily basis sharing feedback, getting replies for members and following through with inspections on upcoming properties and transportation where required.
Each hotel has a contract with the Company, and when the contract comes up for renewal your Hotel Committee is required to go out and review new hotels if required.  The process is one focused on safety and security along with layover point, accessibility and amenities.  They all play a part, however safety and security can not be compromised.
Air Canada has a professional and dedicated team working on our behalf, and your Union has members from all bases working along side them, representing your needs and addressing the concerns onsite as the arise.
This is just a minimal introduction into the start of any inspection, but reiterates the importance of a Crew Care report.  Each person working on an inspection relies onYOUR feedback and YOUR concerns.  The Crew Care report is in place so we know what you are experiencing on site, it allows the Company to address it and your union to follow up.  You can file a Crew Care report to report Air Quality issues in Delhi, ground floor assignments in Victoria or non approved hotel placement in Vancouver.  This is what the forms are for and this is how we address the issues that matter to you.
Meal Allowances
We have had members writing in recently with regards to expenses dropping in some key overseas destinations and want to assure you we have reached out to the company on this and look forward to starting the conversation on how and why the change so quickly over the last few months.  We will keep you posted on this.
After some feedback from members via Crew Care, we would like to advise you that Lisbon Marriott Hotel’s  20% discount on food and beveridge does not include room service. This was recently issued to all members stating it did included room service and that was not correct.
We have been receiving many emails and Crew Care reports on members being placed on the ground floor at this property.  This is being addressed and looked into and we are hopeful this will be addressed and corrected.
Up Coming Site Inspections
For the month of January 2018, we have the following locations with planned site inspections:
Shannon, Ireland
Chicago, United States of America
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Beijing, China
Once the sites are selected and the Company has confirmed a contract is in place, you will be given an update with all information pertaining to the layover amenities and transport.
On behalf of the Air Canada Component Hotel Committee, we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and amazing Holiday Season!  We will be available by email throughout the Holiday period, please do not hesitate to contact us at  This email address is both for our Mainline and Rouge members.
In Solidarity,
Wesley Lesosky
Chairperson, Component Hotel Committee 

Hotel and Transportation Reporting:
For Mainline Crews:
On Globe under “Tools and References” you will find the tab “Crew Scheduling and Planning” once you click on this link, you will select “CrewCare”. 
For rouge Crews:
ACaeronet – click “Rouge” tab – under In-Flight Service – Manuals-Forms – CrewCare