days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Crew Rest Committee

Rest protocols are crucial to the health and wellness of our members whether onboard  or at layover stations.  The Mandate of the Crew Rest Committee is to work with the Component President to ensure that the Collective Agreement is upheld and implemented by the employer and that issues affecting the members are addressed.  The Component Crew Rest Committee will also work closely with the Component Health and Safety representatives on all Crew Rest Committee matters.

The Component Crew Rest Committee is comprised of a Component Chair and additional members from the different locals within the Component.

The Component Crew Rest Committee will provide the membership with information regarding crew rest/breaks, last sold seats, crew rest unit failures, crew bunk kits and sleepwear.  The committee will keep the membership informed on flights that fall under articles B5, B14, LOU18, LOU22 and issue monthly information on LOU51 flights.  The committee will represent the Union at all joint Company/Union Crew Rest Committee meetings and crew rest unit inspections.  The committee seeks your feedback in ensuring our rights are met and upheld.

Committee Members

Robert Hatfield

Local 4091 (YUL)
Caroline Lozeau-Gelinas

Local 4092 (YYZ)
Michelle Duhaney

Local 4094 (YVR)
Lorna Holmes

Local 4094 (YVR)
Shelly Verk

Local 4095 (YYC)
Yvette Nakamoto

Local 4098 (Rouge)
Jacquelyn Saracuse