Hotel Displacement In Downtown Vancouver

Please be advised that crews with layovers at the Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourfront this weekend will be displaced to an airport property due to the ongoing strike by hotel workers taking place at the hotel.

We attempted to secure downtown properties for the layovers, however there was nothing available to secure the rooms needed for our crews this weekend.

Our fellow members of UNITE 40 are going through a challenging time with their employer and we have been advised by many crew how uncomfortable it was crossing the line today.  As they are in a fight for improvements in their wages and working conditions, we are happy that Air Canada was able to make the changes in a new location for our accommodation, and allowing us to respect the picket lines up around the hotel.

Crews will be able to expense a round-trip ticket on the Canadian Line if they wish to travel into downtown Vancouver, please keep receipt and submit.

Any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

In Solidarity,

Melinda Allen & Alex Habib
Component Hotel Committee