Mobilization & Engagement Committee

The Air Canada Component Mobilization and Engagement Committee is an Ad Hoc Committee established under Section 10.2 of the Air Canada Component of CUPE Bylaws.

The Committee shall be comprised of one (1) Component Committee Chairperson and one (1) member from each base appointed by the Component President.

The Mobilization and Engagement Committee will be undertaking several key initiatives. The unveiling and user-friendly Component website will be a contact point for all official reporting, current issues, FAQ’s, union information, contract breakdowns, and anything else to aid the members we represent at both Air Canada Mainline and Air Canada Rouge. The Mobilization and Engagement Committee will liaise with all committees and Component Officers to streamline all relevant information and make it available on the website. It is important to note that the items within this mandate may vary depending on the urgency of specific projects or campaigns as they emerge and develop or expressed priorities of the Air Canada Component of CUPE. Additional items or initiatives will certainly emerge with the overarching goal to best serve the communication and mobilization needs of the Component and the membership as a whole.

The Mobilization & Engagement Committee Members shall:

  • Update, promote and diffuse the Component’s various campaign materials, both internally and externally
  • Coordinate and communicate with external web or technological service providers and all website related activities
  • Report ongoing communication initiatives to the Component and ACCEX
  • Respond to (and redirect if appropriate) individual members’ emails in regards to ongoing campaigns and related feedback and suggestions
  • Respond to any communications forwarded to the Mobilization and Engagement Committee from our Component Officers
  • Create and develop a variety of public campaigns
  • Contribute and review any advertising or media materials and campaign content
  • May be requested to attend, participate and coordinate in key meetings and interviews (political figures, members of the media, etc.)
  • Attend and participate in a variety of meetings as needed by the Component.
  • Regularly attend all meetings of the Committee, either in person or by conference call
  • Conduct research as needed
  • Assist in a wider distribution of our causes within CUPE, along with other unionized groups
  • Administer and oversee polls or surveys directly related to mobilization within the membership
  • Write and edit bulletins as required by the Component
  • Coordinate with CUPE National for communications projects (if applicable)
  • Coordinate with Component staff responsible for communications
  • Liaise with the Component President prior to issuing communications
  • Coordinate with the Component President for in‐person member roadshows and petition drives
  • Assist in any upcoming webinars or town‐hall meetings as needed
  • Produce and distribute a variety of internal audio‐photo-video material, and oversee any external audio-video material
  • Maintain a Membership list broken down into groups with Captains for quick communication. The lists shall be used for the sole purpose of sanctioned mobilizations. Maintain a list of contacts such as Provincial CUPE, other Unions, other activist groups, and Politicians
  • Maintain a contact list of Local airport authority, local police, and any other agencies that would need to be contacted in case of a mobilization
  • Ensure that mobilization materials such as flags, sign-making materials, banners, and whistles are available and ready, when required
  • Liaise with the Component President on a monthly basis, or as needed.


The Mobilization and Engagement Committee shall not: 

  • Have the power to make any decision binding on the Union.
  • Discuss, distribute or otherwise use confidential information which they may become privy to during the course of fulfilling the duties of the Communication Committee with anyone outside the Committee, with the exception of the Component Officers.
  • Send out any type of communication to the Membership or the Company without the express written consent of the Component President.

As Special Assignment is defined as quasi management in the Collective Agreement, any member who is on a Special Assignment shall continue to pay dues and be eligible for voting but must resign from any CUPE position and shall not be eligible for nomination or appointment to any office or Committee in the  Union.  He/she shall not be eligible to attend meetings of the Union except with the approval of a majority of the members at such meetings.

All Committees shall adhere to the Component Expense policy.

While a budget is provided for, all Committees involve a certain amount of volunteerism.

It is an established principle that whenever Union Officers and committee members are scheduled to meet with the Company, there will always be at least two Union Members present.

Chair – Nicola Schnell