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Policy Grievance – Reserve Airport Standby, More Than Twice (B8.20.02)

Dear Mainline Reserve Members,

We wish to advise you that the Union has filed a policy grievance on Airport Standby being assigned to the same reserve blockholder more than twice in a block month when other reserves at the same base have not yet been assigned twice in that block month (Click HERE to view).

Airport Standby at mainline – What’s the limit?
The criteria, as per B8.20.02 is very clear, all members of your base, on reserve, must have been assigned two airport standby periods prior to a third being assigned to any reserve member.

If you are assigned a third airport standby, call the scheduler and ask them to clarify if all other members in your base have been assigned two airport standbys in the month and advise them you should not be working a third standby until all members have been assigned.  In the event you are assigned a flight assignment and crew scheduling then advises you that you are no longer required for it and assigns you to airport standby, that too counts towards the limit of two.

Please contact your Local Union Office immediately if you are assigned a third airport standby and the company has not removed it after it being brought to their attention.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE