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In this time of change and crisis we know there are many questions and concerns. The Wage Indemnity Board of Trust has been working with our Union and Insurance provider to monitor and make amendments to how we can best make this process a little easier. As a reminder everything for the go forward will be done electronically.

The Board of Trustees met to discuss “Continuation of Coverage” while on Off-Duty Status for the month of April 2020. The Board has decided that for Members who are on Off-Duty Status commencing for the April 3rd through May 4th Block month, WIP coverage will remain in place and will be funded directly from the Trust Fund.

Once the Union and the Company have discussed LOU 60 and Article 17 – Reduction of Forces, the Board will convene and provide you with an update on the next steps.

What will happen if currently booked off sick?

  1. Members who are absent due to illness prior to the commencement of the Off-Duty Status leave must complete the applicable waiting period prior to becoming eligible for WIP benefits. The waiting period is 14 daysfrom the first flight missed, following day 15, WIP will be considered based on supporting medical.

    2. My sick bank – Company-paid sick leave is not applicable for that portion of the waiting period which occurs during the Off-Duty Status leave. Members will consequently be placed on Off-Duty Status without pay. Sick credits will not be paid by the Employer and will not apply while you are on Off-Duty Status.

    3. If you are currently in receipt of income replacement benefits either through WIP, workers’ compensation, maternity leave, etc., will you be placed on Off-Duty Status? No. As long as you are in receipt of benefits, you will not be placed on Off-Duty Status.

When you are available to return to work, you will be recalled providing your seniority would have entitled you to remain on the payroll effective with the commencement of Off-Duty Status.

Process for WIP Disability NOT related to COVID-19

The process for making an application for WIP benefits is the same as normal. The Application can be found at www.accomponent.ca or by contacting the undersigned.

Process for COVID-19

For all COVID-19 only related claims Manion will require the simplified form be completed instead of the Attending Physician Statement. This is in an effort to decrease the demands of the health care system. We still require the Claimants and Employer statement of earnings to be completed as well.  Note: The Employer’s statement is sent to Manion automatically after day 14 of your first flight missed. The form is only for COVID-19 cases and is to be filled out by the member and submitted to Manion for processing should you continue to be off work after 14 days from your first flight missed. (Click here to download the simplified form).

We have been advised by SSQ to use this hospital elimination period/form of 14 days for all COVID-19 claims. Most cases shouldn’t extend beyond the 14-day elimination period, however if you continue to be disabled, then you will need to make an application for WIP. Manion will also need a copy of the blood work, sputum test or any other acceptable medical evidence confirming the diagnosis as determined by your physician. Manion can request this on the member’s behalf or you can send it in for review if you have that information on hand

WIP will not be covering cases for people who are NOT sick and are in self-quarantine as prevention.

NOTE: For those that are in quarantine from the Company’s directive, this falls under a work-related claim.

Please note, to ensure your application is received during this fluid movement and possible shut down of businesses, it is best that you email your WIP application and any other appropriate documentation to Manion at acclaims@manionwilkins.com.

Other on-Going Questions

Question – When layoffs are announced, will my WIP benefits continue?
Answer – Yes, as long as the medical supports their absence.

Question – Can the member still go on Mat leave following WIP?
Answer – Yes

Question – Should I be starting Maternity leave now to avoid losing Mat Leave pay/status?
Answer – When to start your Maternity leave is entirely up to the individual. Maternity leave can be taken 15 weeks prior to the expected delivery date. Please refer to the Service Canada website for information and confirmation. https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei.html

NOTE: Continuation of Coverage – If you are on any type of leave (personal, educational, Maternity, lay-off, or suspension) you may pre-pay your premiums to be entitled to WIP upon the scheduled termination of the leave.

We want you to know that we continue to monitor the evolving situation and will provide you with any further changes.

On Behalf of The Board of Trust,

Stephen Morash
Administrative Consultant

NOTE:  All Policy Booklet information can be accessed on the Air Canada Component of CUPE web site www.accomponent.ca or on the Mobile App.

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