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737 MAX Aircraft Update

Dear members,
Yesterday the Union issued a bulletin in response to numerous questions about the tragic incident involving an Ethiopian Airlines 737Max-8 aircraft. To be clear, the intention was to provide some background information and to inform about the process and your rights – not to trivialize concerns.
As an increasing number of government regulators and operators around the world ground 737MAX fleets, it is entirely understandable that our members may have reservations about operating this aircraft. We have re-confirmed the following with senior management: If you have a concern please contact crew scheduling or your base manager and on a case by case basis there is an ability to reassign and replace you.
Should you experience difficulty with this process, please reach out to your local union office immediately so that we may assist.
All federal employees have certain core rights under health and safety legislation, which apply at all times and in all circumstances. We strongly advise reviewing the following bulletin:
As the investigation into Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 unfolds, we will keep you updated if/when there are any developments. Our thoughts go out to all of those affected by this terrible tragedy.
In solidarity,