Member Resources

Collective Agreement

Collective Agreement – English
Collective Agreement – French
Contract FAQ (Contract Seminar Materials)

CUPE National Documents

CUPE Constitution 2017 – English
CUPE Constitution 2017 – French

Reserve Handbook

Reserve Handbook – November 2019 – English
Reserve Handbook – novembre 2019 – French

Quick Contact List

Quick Contact List – English
Quick Contact List – French

Grievance Documents

Grievor’s Statement – Local 4091
Grievor’s Statement – Local 4092
Grievor’s Statement – Local 4094
Grievor’s Statement – Local 4095
Form A – Meals Not Boarded
Form B – Crew Cycle Expense Recovery of Underpayment
Moved Up To Service Director – Local 4092
Moved Up To Service Director – Local 4095


AC CUPE Pension Summary (no CAIL Service) July 2016 Guide
Hybrid Pension Plan Summary
Pension Summary for members with CAIL Service 2016
Rouge Hybrid Pension Summary CUPE
Pensions 201

Workers’ Compensation Committee Forms

What To Do If You Have an Injury At Work
Injury at Work – Step by Step

Occupational Health & Safety Documents

Injured at Work
Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
How to Report a Concern
Concern Form – ACF32
How to Report A Hazard
Tips to Prevent Exposure to Oil Fumes
Global Cabin Air Quality Executive
Cosmic Radiation

WIP Claim Forms & Return to Work Process

WIP Calculation of Benefits – English
WIP Calculation of Benefits – French
WIP Direct Deposit – English
WIP Direct Deposit – French
WIP Application – English
WIP Application – French
WIP How to File – English
WIP How to File – French
Return to Work Process – Rehab. Program
Return to Work – Bidding Eligibilty
Continuation of Coverage on LOA
Fitness to Fly Form

Discount Programs & GoodLife Fitness Deal

GoodLife Deal

Maternity Documents

WIP Maternity Top-Up – English
WIP Maternity Top-Up – French
From Here to Maternity – English
From Here to Maternity – French

Commuter Policy, Crew Rest & Expense Info

Legal Rest Periods
Onboard Crew Rest – Long Range
Mystery of Meals
LOU 47 – Commuter Policy