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Rouge – Forward Cabin Award

Dear members,

Mainline and Rouge are supposed to serve different markets.  Accordingly, our Collective Agreement distinguishes between the work to be performed for Rouge, and the work to be performed for Mainline.  In particular, the Collective Agreement states that Air Canada Rouge can’t offer a more enhanced onboard service in its Premium Rouge forward cabin than Mainline International PY provides.

The Union believed that the Collective Agreement was being violated by Air Canada and filed a grievance.  The grievance proceeded to arbitration earlier this year.

We are pleased to report that on August 21, 2019, Arbitrator John Stout allowed the Union’s grievance. A copy of his award is included here.

Arbitrator Stout determined that Air Canada violated the Collective Agreement by providing enhanced service in Rouge Premium Economy as compared to Mainline.  In particular, he found that the Rouge Premium Economy’s exclusive service, designated Flight Attendants, and exclusive lavatories elevated the Rouge Premium Economy Service such that it violated the Collective Agreement.

Air Canada has been ordered to address its service specifications within 60 days.  The Arbitrator retains oversight over Air Canada’s compliance efforts.

We are pleased that this violation of the Collective Agreement will now be addressed.


In solidarity,