days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

A Message From Your Component President

Verifying your Pay Statement
The Union wants to remind all members to verify your pay statements MONTHLY and to claim if required. You will note in the example below a note stating:
“Note—Expenses were not automatically calculated for the following:

Please submit an eclaim”

This typically happens when there is major change in your cycle.  We encourage you to review the last 12 months of pay statements and ensure they are accurate and claim as required.

Key Chains
All locals now have the key chains that were being handed out for International Flight Attendant Day. If you have not received a key chain, we encourage you to reach out to your local for one. The key chain was a joint effort with the Local Presidents, Component Officers and CUPE Health and Safety and they come equipped with a thermometer and link to report extreme heat and cold. Please remember when filling out a report we encourage you to take a picture with the FIN number in the background. This issue has been ongoing, and we are hoping this will assist all in identifying the key issues.

Paris Crew Hotel
The Union has been receiving reports of many issues with regards to the new crew hotel that was established primarily for our members based in Vancouver.  The best course of action for dealing with any hotel issue is by filing a Crew Care report.  The Union along with Air Canada and API receive a copy of the complaint as well as the reply.  Once you have a reply from crew care, received in your Air Canada email account, you can then bring it forward to if you wish for it to be reviewed.  The Hotel Committee along with Air Canada Crew Administration are actively reviewing all issues that come in and addressing the needs of our members.  We strongly encourage you to record and report all issues, so we are able to address them.

Meal Voucher While Attending ART in Calgary (YYC) and Montreal (YUL)
Effective July 1, 2019, we have secured a $12.00 voucher for meals while attending ART in Calgary (YYC).  This is now the same as our Montreal (YUL) members who have also received the increase to $12.00.

A220 Mock up Visit

The Company has confirmed a time, at the end of August, for our New Aircraft and Health & Safety Committees to review the new A220 aircraft in Huntington Beach. The August visit will be followed up with another review of the aircraft in October at the Mirabel location.  We look forward to this visit and seeing how the design has been established for our new aircraft.

New Crew Sleepwear
There has been much discussion on the sleepwear, and the recent Move Me News has offered some added concerns on the Union’s side.  We are waiting to hear back regarding where it will be shipped, if shipped, and how one can ensure proper sizing.  We have had countless emails on this issue and have raised the concerns with the company.  We approached the company to look at “greener” options, and not directly mailing them all.  There still seems to be some discussion and we will follow up on this.  With regards to the cost, it was confirmed in the Move Me News that it is complimentary to all of the crews.

Stolen Crew Bags on the Aircraft
We are hearing reports recently that crew members are getting their bags stolen that have been stowed on the aircraft while in-flight.  This seems to be a growing concern and can have some serious consequences for our members.  Over the years closets and other safe places on the aircraft have been removed or eliminated.  We hear that there are extra locks available for locking our luggage, but the concern is that entire bags are being removed so locks will do nothing to stop this.  We take this seriously and will be addressing this issue at the next Union/Company Management meeting (UMHQ) in July.

Dates Scheduled for Bargaining Re-Opener to Start
We are pleased to advise that dates have been set to start bargaining with the Employer in September and October. That means the 90-day period set-out in paragraph 4(b) of the 2015 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) will commence on the first day that the parties meet in September.  We will continue to provide updates to the membership on the status of bargaining as it unfolds.

To ensure that you are always being kept up-to-date, especially during this crucial period, please join our email distribution list by emailing us at

In solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE