days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

A Message From Your President

Here are some updates on important issues at the forefront your Union is working with Labour Relations.


A220 Galley Mock-Up Visit

We are still waiting on a date for our New Aircraft and Health & Safety Committees to review the A220 galley mock-up.  We anticipate it to be around the end of July 2019.


Meal Voucher While Attending ART in YUL (Montreal)

We have currently secured a $12.00 voucher for meals while attending ART in YUL only, which took effect on June 1, 2019.


Flow Through

This remains an item that we are still pushing for a resolution on and moving forward through the grievance process.  We will update once this issue is resolved, as we believe June 2019 should have been the time advised the dates for training, we felt we needed to keep all posted.  We have received multiple emails questioning the reasoning for the delay, and along with Labour, we are trying to move this issue forward as we know many of you have put multiple life activities on hold awaiting this outcome.


Deferred Salary Plan (DSP) Awards

The bid for the DSP closed on May 31, 2019 and the Union is aware the results have been posted on the portal for all members to review.


New Sleepwear

We are currently in discussions with Labour Relations on how to distribute the new sleepwear to our members.  We will keep you posted when this Uniform refresh is available.


Air Transat

Air Canada still remains in the 30-day period for exclusivity talks.  As more information comes available, we will provide further updates.


GY Bid Position

We are working to achieve the option when bidding for preselect (make-up and reserve) to bid for the GY position.  Right now, it remains with the IT department to enhance the open bid system to allow for a GY and GP bid.  Currently if you wish to bid for GY or GP, you need to select GP, if you select FA ONLY, you will not be awarded the galley positions.  Please see example below:


Currently our award system awards any galley opening the following way:


  • If there is one GY opening on a pairing, it will load as one GP.
  • If there is one GJ opening on a pairing, it will load as one GP.
  • If there is one GY and one GJ opening on a pairing, it will load as two GP.


So in both cases, the GP or GY would only be assigned to those who bid for a GP opening.


80hrs vs. 85 hrs For July/August 2019

We have confirmed with the Company that July will be an 80 hour block month, August is being reviewed at this time, and when confirmed 80 or 85 hours, we will advise.


B737MAX Aircraft Meeting

The Union recently met with Air Canada, including our Health & Safety and New Aircraft Committee Chairs regarding the 737MAX.  More information to come shortly, we remain fully engaged to ensure that safety is always our top priority.


Rouge UDO & Lead Bidding

The Union is currently working on the ability for our Rouge members to be able to bid for UDO’s and the lead position on the aircraft.  The Company expects this to be implemented this Summer, we will keep you posted when we have this confirmed.


Rouge Mentor Program

Thank you to all Rouge members that reached out to the Union to share feedback on the new Rouge Mentor program initiative.  One issue that was commonly reported was mentors texting lead flight attendants to show up early.  Communication with our members should not be carried out by text and we have secured for the future that mentors will only contact lead flight attendants by Air Canada email.  Please continue to report any issues with this new program to your Local Union Office.  We anticipate some questions with the program as it unfolds and encourage you to reach out to your Union so the concerns can be addressed.


International Flight Attendant Day

Thank you again, to all that took part to celebrate International Flight Attendant day.  We are truly grateful for the amazing job our Locals did to contribute to make the day a huge success.  Please take a look below to see how the day was celebrated:

In solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE

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