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AC Letter to CUPE Re B787 SD rates – 20151020

Mr. Michel Cournoyer
Air Canada Component President CUPE
25 Belfield Road
Etobicoke, ON
M9W 1E8
Dear Mr. Cournoyer,
Re: Confirmation of B787 Service Director Rates of Pay
This letter will confirm the agreement between Air Canada and CUPE, as a part of 2015 collective bargaining, effective upon ratification, the Service Director rates for those operating on the B787 will be the same as those operating on the B777. Accordingly, the titles for the wage charts found in articles 5.04.02 and 5.05 will be amended to reflect this agreement as follows:
5.04.02 PURSER B-767, A-330, and only if two Purser’s operating the flight: B-787 and B-7775.05 PURSER B-787, B-777
Harlan Clarke
Director, Labour Relations