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Acceptable Medical Certificates When Bidding to Return to Work

November 14, 2012
Dear Colleague,
Under Article B4.05.02, cabin crew on Sick Leave that are scheduled to return to work may bid on and be awarded a block for the month of their return, provided they submit medical evidence to that effect to Crew Planning.
As a reminder, a medical certificate specifying the anticipated return date must be received prior to bid close. It may be delivered in person or transmitted by fax to (514) 422-7989 and, once sent, cabin crew are asked to contact Crew Planning in order to ensure that the certificate was received.
Recently, there has been an increase in invalid medical certificates among those submitted. Please note that an anticipated return date must be indicated.
For example:



“… [the patient] will return on December XX. “

“… [the patient] may bid for December 2012. “

“… [the patient] will be off from XX to XX. “

“… [the patient] will be absent until XX … “


Availability to Operate: Re-entry Training

The monthly limitation (MML) of returning cabin crew is reduced – at 2:10 per day, for both regular and Reserve blockholders – by the number of days they are not available to operate (ineligible) during the month.

Cabin crew deemed unavailable to operate are those returning from a long-term absence who are unqualified.

  • Where there is Re-entry Training scheduled prior to the return date only, the crew member will be considered ineligible to bid for the entire block month.
  • Where there is Re-entry Training scheduled after the return date also, the crew member will be considered ineligible until all training is complete and the reduction to MML (at 2:10 a day) will reflect the number of days s/he was unavailable to operate.

Postponed Vacation

Should the above long-term absences have caused scheduled vacation to be postponed, cabin crew are required to contact Crew Planning prior to bid close in order for their vacation to be rescheduled.

For additional clarification, do not hesitate to contact your local Crew Planning representative.
Giuseppe Morello
General Manager, Planning & Schedule Generation