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Trustee Report & Secretary-Treasurer Response 2014-2015

Trustee Audit Report
Dear Members,
In May 2017, three Component Trustees, Andrea de Verteuil, Joyce Nakanishi and Marc Roumy were elected to audit the financial affairs of our Union, the Air Canada Component of CUPE (ACC). This audit report was prepared by only two Component Trustees, Andrea de Verteuil and Joyce Nakanishi. Unless expressly stated otherwise, for the purposes of this audit, whenever the terms “Component Trustees” or “we” is used, it refers only to the two afore-mentioned Component Trustees.
We gratefully acknowledge the members who got involved and supported our efforts to achieve an independent trustee audit. If it were not for the support of the members through email communication, on our Facebook discussion board and in person at Local meetings, this audit would not have been possible.
Trustee audits can build solidarity and confidence by confirming that our Union dues are being utilized in a fiscally responsible way in the members’ best interests. When trustee audit recommendations are taken seriously, debated and implemented, our Union members can only benefit.
You are the Union. You elect the trustees to review the Component finances in order to ensure that the Union is spending your union dues in a way that you collectively deem to be appropriate. Your voice counts. Our report is a review of a past period, but from this report, we hope that future improvements will be made.
In service to the membership,
Andrea de Verteuil
Joyce Nakanishi
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