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Air Transat Acquisition

The Air Canada Component of CUPE has been made aware that the Air Transat Component was motioned to form a Merger Committee.

At this time, the mandate of the Committee is not yet clear to the Air Canada Component, but they do not have the authority or power to override our Mainline or Rouge members’ benefits, working conditions or seniority. Currently there is very limited information being shared from any parties involved with the acquisition and we believe any discussion or preparation needs to be based on fact and not speculation on what may happen. This, we believe, is the most prudent and measured approach.

On December 18, 2019, myself and the Component President for Air Transat, along with CUPE National, met with Transport Canada.  The meeting was held to discuss the possible implications to not only the bargaining unit but the Company and passengers in general.

There has been a great deal of consultation required by the government throughout this process, which is still ongoing. This consultation was with trade unions and the travelling public. If it is of interest to you, the following link will provide a little more information on the public consultation:

ACCEX has had a discussion today on how to move forward and will be reaching out to legal for a full consultation and review.  Once we have a decision back from legal we will be able to review and move forward with a strategy based on fact.

Once we have more information, your ACCEX will meet as a whole to discuss the impending acquisition, and will keep all members posted.  Until we have details such as how the companies will blend, when this will take place, what the company plans to do with Air Transat in general, along with any further Government-imposed rules or regulations, it is difficult to move forward.  The last thing we want to do is work based on rumors.  We need facts.

We appreciate the many comments that have come in, and the overwhelming amount of support on this issue. Knowledge is power, and until we have any concrete news to go on, we have to remain focused and aware.

In solidarity,