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Airline Federal Aid Package Proposed By Canada’s Unions

Dear Members,

Through the Airline Division and CUPE National, the message below is something we should all share and immediately do. We must apply pressure where needed.

Make your voice heard!

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Tell Prime Minister Trudeau that a federal aid package focusing on airline workers is needed now.

Dear members,

As you know, thousands of airline workers, including thousands of CUPE’s Airline Division members, have already been laid off due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, and the airline industry needs help now to stay afloat in coming months.

Send an email to Prime Minister Trudeau to make sure any federal relief for the airline industry focuses first and foremost on workers like CUPE’s 15,000 flight attendant members.

Just press send and the Prime Minister will receive the following email:

Dear Prime Minister,

The COVID-19 pandemic and sweeping government efforts to combat it are now having a far-reaching impact on airline and Canada’s 50,000 airline workers who are laid-off by thousands. Since your government bears some responsibility for the financial consequences for airlines and their employees, an airline federal aid package focusing on workers is needed now. This airline relief package must maintain and return employees to payroll, protect collective bargaining rights, and come with legal guarantees that financial support from the government will go first to support workers’ wages, salaries, and benefits. CUPE and our allies in the labour movement are clear that this should not be a handout with no-strings-attached, and we expect that any public investment into the industry should result in a public stake in the company or companies involved. Finally, any proposed relief package from the federal government must be developed in consultation with, and have the consent of, the bargaining agents representing airline workers.

CUPE and the other Canadian airline unions are ready to talk now.


Please share this political action link with your friends.

To find out more about the content of the immediate airline federal aid package proposed by Canada’s unions, read the letter sent to the government by CUPE National President Mark Hancock, along with the leaders of the Canadian Labour Congress and other unions representing 50,000 airline workers across the country. Click HERE to view.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE