days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

An Update From Your Component President

International Flight Attendant Day
Your Air Canada Component Executive has some great things planned for May 31, 2019.  This is the day that flight attendants around the globe celebrate!  Please stay tuned for more information about what will be taking place at your home base through your Local Union.
B737 Update
We have had members starting to ask for updates on the B737.  At this time, we have not had an update from Air Canada with regards to the reintroduction of the fleet, what is happening internally with training and moving forward or any long term plans.  Air Canada has communicated well with us on this to date and we will advise when we have more information for you.
Committee Chairs Meeting 
Your Component Officers, Theresa, Alex and myself, are very happy to let you know we will be holding a one day Union Activism day on May 14, 2019 at the Belfield office in Toronto for all Committee Chairs to come out and learn about the different committees, their functions and roles. They will also get a better understanding of the internal structure and workings of our Union.  We trust this day will be filled with questions, answers and a positive outlook with open dialogue and communication.  We will also be working with all the committees to ensure better communication to the membership and more frequent updates.
Flow Through Update
We have had many members reaching out asking for an update on the Flow Through grievance. We have raised this issue through the grievance process, as well as to labour directly and unfortunately there is no movement on the employer’s side to date.  This is unfortunate, and we understand this has caused a lot of discontent for our Rouge members as a whole.  Along with Local 4098, we are pursuing this issue and it is as important to us in resolving as it is for you to have resolved.  When we have more information, we will ensure you are all made aware.
Delhi Flights – Month of June 2019
The Delhi flights for June 2019 were assigned as LOU 22B flights, although there is no additional crew added, the duty period limitation is now 18:01­ – 19:30­.
With the additional limitations, you now have additional crew rest.
18:01­ – 18:45­ = 5 hour crew break
18:46­ – 19:30­ = 5.5 hour crew break
Please note that meals are to be eaten outside of the crew rest period mentioned above.
CHQ-16-16 LTD Hearing
The June date initially scheduled for the LTD Hearing has been cancelled.  We will advise the membership once we have a new date and further information.
Grievance Update 
In the first three months of our term, the Component along with the assistance of all our local Presidents and Vice-Presidents, filed the policy grievances listed below on behalf of the membership, please click on the grievance number to see the grievance information.  We will have more information on these come out shortly, but often these items are not shared with the members, and we feel it is important you are all aware.  Please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.
CHQ-19-4 – Ground Duty – Pre/Post Period for Service Directors
CHQ-19-5 – Unreasonable and Discriminatory Tattoo and Piercing Policy
CHQ-19-9 – Flow Through – LOU 59
CHQ-19-10 – Violation of Article 2.04.07 Rouge Expansion
CHQ-19-12 – Travel Pay – Between YYZ and YUL bases
CHQ-19-13 – Unpaid Training – Leading Edge and Special Initial Workbooks
CHQ-19-17 – Unreasonable and Discriminatory Gender-Specific Personal Appearance Policy
CHQ-19-18 – Article (Air Canada rouge Premium Sets)
CHQ-19-20 – Breach of Canada Labour Code – General Holiday Pay
CHQ-rouge-19-7 – Unreasonable and Discriminatory Tattoo and Piercing Policy
CHQ-rouge-19-8 – Abuse of Management Rights – Health Benefits Coverage
CHQ-rouge-19-11 – Violation of Article 2.04.07 Rouge Expansion
CHQ-rouge-19-18 – Unreasonable and Discriminatory Gender-Specific Look Book Policy
CHQ-rouge-19-19 – Abuse of Management Rights – Crew Scheduling
CHQ-rouge-19-20 – Abuse of Management Rights – Inadequate Investigation
CHQ-rouge-19-21 – Overprojection on Reserve
CHQ-rouge-19-22 – Unpaid Lead Coaching Sessions
CHQ-rouge-19-23 – Unpaid Training – Rouge Annual Recurrent, Requalification and Initial Service Workbooks
CHQ-rouge-19-24 – Breach of Canada Labour Code – General Holiday Pay
In solidarity,
Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE