days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

ARTICLE 21 – Union Management Committees






21.01.01       The two parties recognize that it is in their mutual interest to promote a climate of labour relations, which will, to the highest degree possible, meet the needs of the employees and of the Company.


21.01.02       In that spirit, it is agreed that there is a continual need to deal with contractual issues.


21.01.03       It is therefore agreed that the Company and the Component Executive will meet on a quarterly basis to review the state of their relationship and to address these issues with a view of finding mutually satisfactory solutions.  These meetings will deal with such subjects as:       Communications between the two parties at all levels. Intent and application of the provisions of the Collective Agreement. Advance discussion on changes affecting the work or working conditions of the employees.


21.01.04       Any written amendments shall remain binding only for the duration of the existing Agreement, unless incorporated into the subsequent Agreement as per Article 1.02.01.


21.01.05       The parties also will have the mandate to establish any sub‑committee(s), which they deem to be necessary.


21.01.06    Dates of these meetings will be established by mutual agreement and minutes will be prepared by the Company and approved by the Component Executive before the end of each quarterly meeting. The minutes will represent only action items and time frames and will outline the issue.


e.g. ACTION –

The Union will refer the item to grievance.

The Company will provide further information by Nov. 7.

The Company and the Union agree to develop a letter of intent, memorandum of settlement, etc. for approval at the next UMHQ.

21.02       Hotel Accommodation


21.02.01       Prior to establishing, changing or renewing hotel accommodations, the Company shall consult with the Union Hotel Accommodation Sub-Committee Chairperson.


21.02.02     The Union Hotel Accommodation Sub-Committee will develop a list of suitable hotels at both airport and downtown locations at each layover point. The members of the Hotel Accommodation Sub-Committee will discuss the list with their counterparts in the ACPA Meals and Accommodations Standards Committee (MASC) prior to submitting the final list.


The Company commits that, when selecting layover accommodations under this Article it will, acting reasonably, be guided by, the following:



a)                    CUPE order of preference

b)                   Length of layover time (Time)

c)                    Transportation factors (Time, Quality, Cost)

d)                   Availability of suitable accommodation at either location.



a)                    CUPE order of preference

b)                   Safety/security issues

c)                    Quality

d)                   Availability

e)                   Cost comparison


21.02.03       When a significant substantiated deterioration of accommodation is reported in writing by the Union Hotel Committee Chairperson, the Company shall within thirty (30) days, investigate the situation and take appropriate action or alternatively advise the Union Hotel Committee Chairperson in writing why no action is deemed necessary.


21.02.04       In an instance where the preference identified by CUPE and ACPA regarding the location of the hotel is different, members of the Hotel Accommodations Sub-Committee will consult with members of the Meals and Accommodations Standards Committee in order to resolve the disagreement on hotel location.


21.03              BILINGUAL COMMITTEE:  The Company agrees to recognize an Airline Division of CUPE bilingual committee for the purpose of consulting with the Company on matters related to bilingualism.


21.04              SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEES:  The Union and the Company agree to promote safe practices to ensure the safety and health of employees, and to establish safety and health committees, in accordance with Part II of the Canada Labour Code.


21.05              SCHEDULING COMMITTEE:  The Union shall maintain a Scheduling committee at each Base to provide Base input to the Union system blocking representative provided for in Article B2 ‑ Preparation of Blocks, and to meet as required with the Company to discuss scheduling and planning issues.