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ARTICLE 22 – Insurance Plans




22.01              DENTAL PLAN: The Company will pay 100% of the Air Canada Dental Plan premium for all employees.


22.01.01      Preventative services are reimbursed at 100%, basic services at 90%, major services at 50% and orthodontic services for dependant children under age 21 are reimbursed at 50%.


22.01.02      The combined annual maximum of preventative, basic and major services will be two thousand dollars ($2,000).


22.01.03 The lifetime maximum applicable to orthodontic services, for eligible dependants under age 21, will be two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500).


22.02 SUPPLEMENTAL HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN II: The Company will pay 100% of the Air Canada Supplementary Health Insurance Plan II.


22.02.01 Expenses incurred for paramedical services of Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Naturopaths and Podiatrists in Provinces where such services are not covered by the Provincial Medicare Plan will be covered to a maximum of fifty dollars ($50.00) per visit to a maximum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) per person per year or two thousands dollars ($2,000) per family per year.  In Provinces where the Provincial Medical Plan partially covers the fees for the eligible paramedical services, the Company Supplemental Health Plan will cover the difference between the actual fee and the amount covered by the Provincial Medical Plan provided that the applicable provincial legislation permits such coverage.


22.02.02      Expenses incurred for psychologists and qualified social worker services will be covered up to fifty dollars (50$) per visit up to an annual maximum of one thousand dollars ($1000.00) per employee and two thousand dollars ($2000.00) total per family. 


22.02.03 Hearing aids purchase or repair will be covered up to a maximum of seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) per eligible person per five (5) year period.


22.02.04 The lifetime maximum coverage for eligible expenses incurred in Canada shall be fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).


22.02.05 Where cabin personnel and/or their eligible dependents have a life-threatening or chronic disease, the cost of prescription drugs for the treatment of this life-threatening or chronic disease will not be restricted by the above referenced lifetime maximum. 


22.02.06 The cost of medically prescribed oral contraceptive will be fully covered.


22.03 VISION CARE PLAN:  The Company will pay the full cost of a Vision Care Plan. The benefits for each employee and each eligible dependent to be not more than two hundred and twenty five dollars ($225) per twenty-four (24) consecutive calendar months.


22.04              GROUP LIFE INSURANCE PLAN:  The Union agrees to remove the CUPE voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance coverage (type 2). The Company will pay 100% of the Air Canada Group Life Insurance premiums up to the following amounts:


Flight Attendants $75,000.00

Assistant Pursers and Pursers $75,000.00







22.05.01       The Company contribution to the plan will be 1.07% of total monthly gross earnings of those employees in the plan without a maximum.


22.05.02       The Company will deduct from each employee participating in the plan, such amount as may be decided by the Union from time to time subject to the conditions set forth hereunder.


22.05.03       The amount shall be deducted from employees on a monthly basis, and shall be remitted to the Union, along with the Company’s contribution, as may be mutually agreed, but not later than fourteen (14) days following the pay date the deductions were made.


22.05.04       At the termination of each block month, the Company will provide the Union with a list of all those employees who were on Workers’ Compensation for the previous block month or part thereof.  The list will include employee number, name, location and number of days on Workers’ Compensation.


22.05.05       The Union will provide the Company In‑Flight Service Headquarters, on a monthly basis, with a list of all those employees receiving both short and long term disability benefits.

 22.05.06       All requests for changes to the aforementioned procedures by the Union will be forwarded to, and discussed with, the Company not less than sixty (60) days prior to the anticipated date of the requested change.