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ARTICLE 7 – Expense Allowances – Uniforms


7.01              GROUND TRANSPORTATION ALLOWANCES ‑ Ground transportation allowances will        be paid as follows:

7.01.01       Home Base ‑ A ground transportation allowance of two dollars ($2.00) will be paid for each trip to and from the airport where required by the Company.

NOTE:       The above provision is applicable except as otherwise provided under Letter of Understanding 7 ‑ Mirabel.

7.01.01       Special Cabs Regular Blockholders ‑ Special cabs will be provided to Regular Blockholders on request when drafted or assigned to operate a flight four (4) hours or less prior to departure.

7.01.02       Special Cabs Reserve Blockholders ‑ Special cabs will be provided to Reserve Blockholders on request as follows: When notification to report to the airport is less than four (4) hours prior to flight departure or airport stand­by report time. When required to report to the airport if the flight departure or airport standby report time is between 0001 and 0800. When required to report to the airport where flight departure or airport standby report time is within fifteen (15) hours of the termination of the last duty period.

7.01.03       Special Cab Maximum Cost ‑ The maximum Company contribution towards special cabs under Articles 7.01.02 and 7.01.03 will be based on the established cost of such cabs between the airport and the downtown terminal.

NOTE:       Where a special cab is provided, the Home Base transpor­tation allowance is not applicable.

7.01.04       Layover Station ‑ Ground transportation between the airport and the layover accommodation will be provided by the Company as required.

7.02              MEAL ALLOWANCES ‑ Meals will be provided or meal allowances paid only where an employee is on duty or on a legal layover during an entire recognized meal period.  No meal or meal allowance will be provided for scheduled flight departures from Home Base and scheduled flight arrivals at Home Base during recognized meal periods when originating or terminating a duty period at Home Base.  No meals or meal allowances will be provided outside the recognized meal periods.

7.02.01       Recognized Meal Periods are as follows:









0300 to 0530


0300 to 0430 (Night Flight)


Breakfast      Lunch


0800 to 0930
1230 to 1330
1800 to 1930


0800 to 0930
1230 to 1330
1700 to 1830 (except overseas)




2300 to 0100


2300 to 0100

7.02.02            Canada/United States Meal Allowances:

                                    Breakfast                                                                        $12.87

Lunch                                                 $14.58
Dinner                                                 $28.88
Snack (2300 – 0100)              $  7.54

The United States meal allowance will be in U.S. funds and indicated on the pairing in Canadian funds at the official rate of exchange in effect at the beginning of the preceding block month.

7.02.03       Other Locations ‑ The meal allowances for all other locations shall be established by the Company following consultation with the Union, to cover the reasonable cost of meals at those loca­tions.  Meal allowances at these locations will be adjusted when there is a five (5) percent change on the basis of six (6) month running average plus or minus.  However, such meal allow­ances shall not be less than those provided for under Article 7.02.02 Canada/United States meal allowances.

7.02.04       The amount of the per diem meal allowance will in no case be less than that provided to other flight crews.

7.02.05    The following symbols will appear on the monthly pairings to
    indicate food service levels boarded for Cabin Personnel

HB:            Hot Breakfast
CB:             Cold Breakfast              
HL:             Hot Lunch
HD:            Hot Dinner
FB:            Fruit Box
                       SS:            Sandwich Snack

7.03              UNIFORMS ‑ Cabin Personnel uniforms shall be worn as required by the published Company Regulations.

7.03.01       Style ‑ The Company shall consult with the Union prior to making any changes in the colour, material or style of uniforms.

7.03.02       Cost ‑ The cost sharing arrangements outlined in the Company Regulations shall be applicable and there will be no reduction in the present cost sharing and uniform item allotments as outlined in Publication 123.

7.03.03       Cleaning ‑ Cabin Personnel shall receive a uniform cleaning allowance of


  forty-five ($45.00) per month.

To qualify for this allowance, Cabin Personnel must be actively on the payroll at least one day in that block month.

NOTE:       For the purpose of this Article, actively on the payroll means that the employee is entitled to at least one (1) day of pay credits in that block month.

7.03.04       Footwear Allowance ‑ Cabin Personnel shall receive a footwear allowance of one hundred and twenty dollars ($120.00) per year to be paid on July 1st of each year.

    1.     CHECK‑IN/CHECK‑OUT GRATUITY ALLOWANCE ‑ A        check‑in/check‑out gratuity allowance of four dollars ($4.00) will be paid during a legal layover or station stops in excess of seven (7) hours where accommodation is provided. The gratuity allowance will increase to four dollars and ten cents ($4.10) on April 2, 2003.


    1.     VISAS Cabin personnel shall, upon submitting a receipt, be reimbursed for  the full cost of any and all visas and departure taxes that are required to perform cabin personnel duties when operating or deadheading.