days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.


All appropriate modifications to the Collective Agreement for PBS will be finalized after the provisions of Item 7(b) of the May 2003 MOU are either agreed to or arbitrated.

B1.01       OBJECTIVES: The fundamental objectives of the Block Rules are as follows:

B1.01.01       To provide an orderly method of flight assignment with regard for the principles of seniority.

B1.01.02       To provide Cabin Personnel with the rest and relaxation required for the performance of their duties.

B1.01.03       To provide coverage for all flights in a direct and efficient manner.

B1.02       DEFINITIONS: As used in the Block Rules, the following terms shall have the following meanings unless otherwise specified.

B1.02.01       Regular Blockholder:  An employee awarded or assigned a regular or supplemental block.

B1.02.02       Reserve Blockholder:  An employee awarded or assigned a reserve block.

B1.02.03       Aircraft Complement:  The Cabin Personnel crew complement specified for a flight or flight sequence.

B1.02.04       Classification Requirements:  The requirements specified for each classification included in the aircraft complement.

B1.02.05       Language Requirements:  The bilingual or other language requirements indicated for the aircraft complement on the pairing or block.

B1.02.06       Open Flight:  Any flight not included in a block and any flight included in a block that the regular blockholder cannot operate for any reason other than displacement under Article B6.02 ‑ Displacement.

B1.02.07       Block Bid Periods:  The duration of block bid periods within each calendar year may be varied by the Company following consultation with the Union from between thirty (30) and thirty‑three (33) calendar days inclusive to conform to seasonal variations and fluctuations in flight schedules.

B1.02.08       Delhi Block – A block which contains one or more Delhi pairings.