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B13.01              BID DEADLINE


B13.01.01 The Delhi cycles shall not be used for the purpose of establishing the bid deadline as outlined in B3.02.


B13.01.02 The Company will provide copies of the block bid package to each crew member and the ability to submit block bids at the layover hotel in Delhi.


B13.02                        DRAFT


B13.02.01 Employees on Delhi Blocks are not eligible for draft to regular pairings with the following exceptions:


B13.02.01.01 Where an employee has completed all Delhi flying in his/her block, s/he will be eligible for draft to regular pairings.


B13.02.01.02 An employee on a Delhi block is eligible for draft to a regular pairing provided that this draft does not cause him to drop a Delhi cycle due to over-projection resulting from the draft.  However, the employee must drop a regular pairing to the extent required when overprojected.


B13.03                        OVERLAPS


B13.03.01 Overlap Priority:  Delhi blocks and Delhi pairings will have precedence over regular blocks and regular pairings.  If an employee is involved in an overlap, the following will apply:


B13.03.02 Regular Block to Delhi Block:  An employee will be required to drop the pairing in his/her regular block with pay protection and be subject to reassignment if:




B13.03.02.01 S/he would not have had legal crew rest prior to the start of his/her first Delhi pairing; or


B13.03.02.02 The total flying time projected to the end of his/her Delhi block would exceed the maximum monthly limitation unless s/he can drop a regular pairing in accordance with B5.01.06.01.


B13.03.03 Delhi Block to Delhi Block:  An employee must bid to avoid any legality conflict with a Delhi pairing.


B13.03.03.01 If s/he is not senior enough to avoid an overlap conflict with a Delhi pairing, s/he will be required to drop that pairing and will be subject to reassignment to his/her applicable minimum monthly guarantee.


B13.04                        VACATION


B13.04.01 If a Delhi blockholder’s scheduled vacation falls fully within a Delhi block, s/he will be required to slide the vacation period either forward or backward at his/her option to ensure that only one Delhi pairing is not operated.


B13.04.02 If the duration of the vacation is such that even with a slide, more than one Delhi pairing cannot be operated, then the employee will be required to slide the vacation forward or backward at his/her option to minimize the number of Delhi pairings that cannot be operated.


B13.04.03 In all instances, no slide is to be actioned if it results in the vacation overlapping outside of the Delhi block.


B13.05                        RESERVE


B13.05.01 Assignment will be made first to those reserves who can take the assignment in their block and still receive their minimum number of days off in that month.


B13.05.02 Assignment may subsequently be made to those reserves who by taking the assignment fall below their applicable minimum number of days off in that month by no more than one (1) day.  This day must be repaid the following month in conjunction with a set of days off of the employees choice.