days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.




B14.01                        MAXIMUM SCHEDULED DUTY PERIOD


B14.01.01 Where the scheduled block to block time on a flight leg is equal to or greater than eleven hours and thirty minutes (11:30), the following will apply:


B14.01.01.01 The scheduled duty period limitation will be fifteen (15:00)

consecutive hours;


B14.01.01.02       The aircraft will contain mutually agreed to rest facilities;


B14.01.01.03 There shall be two (2) consecutive hours of rest time during the flight;


B14.01.01.04 There shall be one (1) additional crew member over and above

 the normal crew complement;


B14.01.01.05 Of the total blocked crew, two positions shall be In-Charge positions;


B14.01.01.06 There shall be a minimum twelve (12) hour crew rest at layover stations;

NOTE: On flights equipped with seats rather than a crew rest area, the crew rest at layover station shall be a minimum 18 hours (LOU 31).


B14.01.02 In the event a flight leg cannot be operated within the above limits, the Company and the Union agree to enter into discussions to establish rules that may allow for the operation of such flights.



B14.02                        DRAFT – NEW LANGUAGE CABIN PERSONNEL


B14.02.01 Two (2) Route Language qualified Cabin Personnel may be protected from the standard draft sequence provided no other qualified personnel are available at the time of the draft to cover their flight.