days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

As A Matter Of Fact – Tip Of The Week – Block Rule Violations and Globe Notifications

The Collective Agreement is the document that governs the rules between the Company and the Union.  If you feel that your rights under the Collective Agreement are being violated, you have a right to contact the appropriate Department/Committee for clarity. If there is a violation in relation to the block rules (Pages 169- 207 of the Collective Agreement) you should reach out to Crew Scheduling and if you are having issues with PBS (i.e. Article B2, B3, B4) we recommend that you reach out to your Local Union PBS Representative.

If you are contacting Crew Scheduling, we strongly suggest that you write down the time and date of the call and who you spoke with at Crew Scheduling. Please provide this information and the phone number you called from which allows your Local Union Representative to follow up if there are any concerns and/or grievances that might be filed.

REMINDER regarding notification:  Globe is not considered an official notification tool sanctioned by the Union. In our opinion a direct conversation with a crew scheduler is the only way that you can you be notified of a change.