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As A Matter Of Fact – Tip Of The Week – Call in Times for Reserve & Reassignment

(This applies to Air Canada Mainline only)

The call-in times for CALL-IN RESERVE and REASSIGNMENT at every crew base are listed below however you would not be required to call in during these times if you are on crew rest.  See articles from the Collective Agreement for more detailed information.

Call in time are as follows:
CALL IN RESERVE – 20:00-23:00 (local time) the day prior
REASSIGNMENT – 19:00 – 21:00 (local time) the day prior

The process for calling crew scheduling the day prior when scheduled to be on call-in Reserve the next day is found at Articles B8.13 and B8.27.

Article B8.13:

B8.13.01 – An employee who is scheduled on call‑in reserve will be required to contact the Crew Resource Centre the day prior to his/her duty day for flight assignment.  The call‑in time will be established at each Base by mutual agreement between the Crew Resource Centre and the Local President.  The call‑in time will be published with the monthly block package at each Base.

B8.13.02 – An employee while on call‑in may be requested to call back provided the call back time is within the specified call‑in period.

B8.13.03 – An employee on call‑in reserve must call in the day prior to a scheduled duty day even if the call‑in time falls on a day off, or vacation day.  However, the employee may request to be placed on ready reserve on his/her first duty day following any time off in order to preclude the requirement of making a call‑in prior to the first duty day.  Such arrangement must be made in advance with the Crew Resource Centre.

B8.13.04 – An employee who is on call‑in reserve is released from the obliga­tion to stand‑by on reserve, however if contacted s/he must accept flight assignment provided s/he is legal in all respects.

B8.27.03.03 When an employee checks in with the Crew Resource Centre following the completion of an assigned pairing, s/he may be awarded another assignment at that time.  If such assignment departs at 1200 hours or later the next day, s/he will be released from reserve duty until the required report time of the assigned pairing. If s/he is not assigned a flight at that time, s/he will be required to contact the Crew Resource Centre upon completion of his/her crew rest or at his/her option at the normal call-in time during his/her crew rest.

The process for calling crew scheduling the day prior when scheduled to be on reassignment the next day is found in Article B6.03

Article B6.03.01 is specific to Home Base Reassignment Time:

B6.03.01.01 An employee can only be assigned within his/her classification at the time of notification.

B6.03.01.02 Where no reassignment is made at the time of notification the employee must contact the Crew Resource Centre the day prior to each scheduled duty day at a time to be established at each Base and may be assigned at that time.

B6.03.01.03 Where the time established falls within the employee’s legal crew rest, the employee will contact the Crew Resource Centre within the hour following completion of crew rest or at a time agreed to by the employee and the scheduler.  The employee will, if necessary, call in again at the established time at his/her Base.

If you have any questions about these Collective Agreement articles, we encourage you to reach out to your Local Office. Knowledge is power and our collective knowledge around the Collective Agreement language strengthens us all.