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As A Matter Of Fact – Tip Of The Week – IMMS Leaves

An IMMS leave is a leave offered due to an Inability to Meet Medical Standards. It relates in part to Article 16.05 of the Collective Agreement.

16.05 Where due to incapacity resulting from sickness or injury an employee is transferred outside the scope of this Agreement or is on leave of absence, s/he shall maintain and accrue seniority for three (3) years. At the termination of this period his/her name shall be removed from the seniority list. This period may be extended by mutual agreement between the Union and applicable company.

Members are eligible for an IMMS leave if they are unable to meet medical standards to perform flight duties, i.e. are not fit to fly due to sickness or injury and have exhausted or do not qualify for paid sick leave, wage indemnity program (WIP) payments, workers’ compensation, and/or other disability benefits. There is a requirement to provide medical substantiation of the inability to perform flight duties as part of the qualification for this leave.