days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

As A Matter Of Fact – Tip Of The Week – Why Unions Matter

There are times when some may ask themselves what does my Union do and why does it even matter. What am I getting for my Union dues? The reality is that Unions matter very much.  In the past present and future your Union has fought and will fight for good salaries, pensions, and health care benefits to name just a few.  This gives everyone the economic security to live out their life’s dreams, to send kids to college or university, to invest in their communities and to have a secure retirement. Having a Union assures you of a voice and a seat at the table. In the absence of Unions, the world would be ruled by Corporations and they would continue to weaken the gains that have been made and they would do so unchecked. We encourage you to drop in and see your Union representatives to really see what they do and to create a personal connection. In the end, the Union is only as strong as the support it is given.