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Award in Policy Grievance CHQ-Rouge-17-29 – Draft Premium for Lead Flight Attendants

Today we received some great news regarding one of our policy grievances at Air Canada Rouge. The grievance (CHQ-Rouge-17-29) concerned the manner in which a draft premium is calculated for Lead Flight Attendants on Air Canada Rouge flights. Prior to January 1, 2016, the 50% draft premium was paid on top of the Lead Flight Attendant Rate when operating as a Lead. Rouge unilaterally changed that practice and began paying the premium on the Flight Attendant Rate even when operating as a Lead.

The Union was successful in an estoppel argument and as such Air Canada Rouge will need to pay the difference between the two calculations to all affected Lead Flight Attendants. A full copy of Arbitrator Gedalof’s award can be found HERE. We will update you once the parties determine a payment date.

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