days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Baggage Tracking App

In a November 30th Inflight Service bulletin, we have been advised of the Baggage Tracking app that has been created. This bulletin reminds us that we should “familiarize yourself with the new baggage tracking feature in the Air Canada app, as you can expect customers to ask you questions in the airport or midflight, and we’d like you to play a role in familiarizing customers with the tool”.

We would like to remind all members that the responsibility for baggage and issues relating to baggage falls under the scope work of baggage handlers and passenger service agents who are our colleagues in other unions. This latest initiative seems to be an attempt to download more responsibility for baggage control to passengers and our members.

This directive to familiarize ourselves with the baggage app is not well received. Especially at a time when our wages and compensation are out of line with cost-of-living increases.  This request coupled with the fact that we have been very vocal about our unpaid work seems completely out of touch with our realities onboard.

We would like to encourage all members to redirect all baggage inquiries and/or questions about baggage through the proper and traditional channels.  As we have said and will continue to reiterate “Unpaid Work Won’t Fly”.

In order to show our solidarity over this attempted increase in work we encourage members to wear their union pins proudly.  Wearing your union pin is not just a symbol; it’s a powerful statement of solidarity and pride. Each time you don that pin, you proudly display your commitment to the collective strength of our union and the values we stand for.

When you wear your union pin with pride, you send a clear message to your colleagues, employer, and the public: you are part of a movement that values equality, fairness, and the well-being of every worker. It sparks conversations, builds camaraderie, and fosters a sense of belonging among us.

So, let’s wear our union pins not just as accessories, but as a visible commitment to a better, more equitable future for all.

In solidarity,