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Bargaining Survey Update

As we have received multiple requests for the survey to be resent, due to it being marked as spam in many members’ inboxes, we wanted to send an update and explain what has transpired and assure you that the integrity of the survey and the process is what will continue to guide us.

First, thank you to all those that reached out to request a resend. The process is a slow one as we need to verify your name, email, employee number, base and airline.  From there, we send this information to CUPE National assigned staff who load it into Lime Survey, which is the platform that maintains the survey, assures it’s anonymous and maintains the integrity of the replies.

When Lime Survey gets the lists to process, this can take several hours as it needs to regulate the time it takes so that there is no bounce back, and no spam flagged.

To clarify, it is not coming from the same IP address or server that the regular bulletins come from, it is separate, and that is why many of you have noted you get the emails from Component and have yet to get the survey.

Most members have found the email in their spam/junk accounts, or if you do a search for “Air Canada Component 2024 Bargaining Survey // Sondage sur la négociation 2024 – Composante Air Canada” you should find it.

Further, we have asked for an explanation as to what happened, and an in-depth view was provided below:

Spam detection is a crucial task for email service providers, as it helps protect users from unwanted, malicious, or fraudulent messages. However, spam detection is not a perfect science, and sometimes legitimate emails may be mistakenly flagged as spam by the receiving server, resulting in delivery failures or delays. It is a complex process that involves multiple factors and algorithms. The methods used to identify spam are not mutually exclusive and email service providers may use a combination of them to determine the spam score on an email, which is a numerical value that indicates the likelihood of email being spam. The spam score is then compared to a threshold value, which is set by the email service provider or the recipient to decide whether to reject or accept the email.

There are several scenarios where emails may not get through the receiving server and not from the sender. The most common reasons are suspicious content and/or strict or customized recipient settings. Certain keywords, phrases or patterns, misleading subject lines, links or coded HTML can cause the receiving server to flag emails as spam. If the recipient has set their spam filter settings to a high level or has created custom rules or filters to block or allow certain senders, domains, or keywords, the receiving server may also reject emails that do not match the criteria, even if the sender is reputable and the content is relevant.

Whitelisting inbound emails from specific senders will bypass spam filters and ensure delivery of emails. It is difficult to assess what scenarios members are running into without being provided a spam detection report from them as it could be anything, from the survey link, the subject line, the volume of emails being sent, a character in the body of the email text etc.

Further, the survey is one of the consultations we will be having with members in the coming months.  There are also road shows planned:

– YVR – July 8, 2024 from 10:00h to 12:00h PT (Sheraton Wall Center)

– YUL – July 16, 2024 from 10:00h to 13:00h ET (Marriott Airport Hotel In Terminal)

– YYZ – July 23, 2024 from 10:00h to 13:00h ET (Sheraton Gateway Hotel – O’Hare Room, YYZ Airport, Terminal 3) *New Location*

– YYC – July 30, 2024 from 10:00h to 12:00h MT (YYC Airport Silver Dart Meeting Room)

These road shows can be attended by any member, from any base and will be done in person.

We also want to share that as of 1700EST we have had 42% of the membership submit their surveys, and we want to ensure all of you get an opportunity to do so.  We will review the numbers Monday and give a further update then, and if we need to look at extending, we will, as the goal is to ensure YOUR voice is heard.

For those that have searched and could not find the survey, and if you still do not receive it by Saturday evening, please send an email to and ensure you supply your Name, Base, Employee Number, Email and advise if you are a Mainline or Rouge member.

We appreciate your patience, and trust you can appreciate we want a clean, clear and reliable survey to move your items forward in 2025.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee

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