days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Bargaining Update #3

Your Air Canada Component Bargaining Committee met with Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge representatives this week to continue with the Bargaining process. As many of you many know, this Bargaining session is the second of two reopeners. For those of our members who are new and would like to educate themselves about where we are in the bargaining process, the language in the Collective Agreement about the reopeners can be found HERE.

We had numerous discussions with Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge relating to our proposals and spoke at length internally.  There was a great deal of discussion around an offer your Union presented as a whole, along with proposals the company has submitted.

We have also spent time over both the last session and this session looking into ways of resolving LOU 35 (Cost of Living), Scope Clause Challenges, Flow Through Issues, EAP and general work rules.

In our view, these are unprecedented times and while we are constrained by the Collective Agreement language this does not prevent us from working hard to find our way to a fair and just outcome for the membership. We are working towards an agreement we can bring to the members to ratify, as this is always the preferred outcome, rather than it going to an Interest Arbitrator.

We are looking at dates for our next meeting and will keep you advised.

In solidarity,