days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Benefits Committee

The Benefit Committee is an Ad Hoc Committee established under Section 9.2 of the Air Canada Component of CUPE bylaws.

1. Work with the Component President to ensure that the Collective Agreement is upheld and implemented by the employer and that issues affecting the members are addressed.

2. Report to ACCEX in writing quarterly and keep the Component President apprised of all matters related to the Committee.

3. Draft membership bulletin information, if required, for submission to the Component President

4. Ensure the proper functioning of the Component Benefits Committee.

5. Ensure that Local officers are informed of any issues relating to benefits that would affect them and work to assist the local officers with any benefit related matters.

6. Manage the approved Committee budget in cooperation with the Component SecretaryTreasurer, in accordance with the Component Bylaws and policies.

7. Confirm all verbal communications with the Company in writing. All written Committee communications should be copied to the Component President. The Committee has no authority to make decisions binding on the Union.

9. Purpose of the Committee:

a) Inform, support and advise Local Officers and Component Officers of any issues relating to benefits;

b) Promote and further the rights of employees with benefits related issues within the context of their rights under the Collective Agreement and Human Rights legislation;

c) Promote through education, a solid knowledge of benefit entitlements for all of the Air Canada Flight Attendants.

10. The composition of the Committee is;

a) One (1) Committee Chairperson appointed by the Air Canada Component President

b) Committee members as required.

11. Committee Member Duties

a) The Chairperson;

i) Ensure the leadership and the coordination of the affairs of the Committee;

ii) Carry out any tasks entrusted to her or him by the Committee;

b)       i) Act as liaison between the Committee and the Local Union offices

ii) Share their expertise in order to function and / or reach the goals of the Committee;

iii) Carry out any tasks entrusted to them by the Committee.

12. Meetings The Committee shall meet as required and as determined by the Committee members.