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Bidder's Guide to PBS, the Preferential Bidding System for In-flight Service

Preferential Bidding System GuidePBS is a web-based system that considers each crew member’s classification, seniority and languages when building schedules and tries to meet as many crew member preferences as possible, while meeting the Collective Agreement requirements and Air Canada’s target for crew utilization.
This guide is an abbreviated tool to help you bid as well as serve as a reference to the preferences available to you in PBS. You can and should also consult the Help function available through PBS itself for more information. Please note that the help function within PBS may use different terminology and may show other features that are not available to Air Canada. Other PBS related bulletins and guide documents may be available on the Air Canada portal and are published as required.
The PBS Bidder’s Guide and the on-line Help function available within PBS are your key sources of
PBS bidding and awarding information. It is highly recommended to read and understand the
information contained in these documents. As the material contained within each guide is subject to change, the electronic versions, located online, take precedence. Also, with references to any items found in the Collective Agreement (duty days, etc.), the Collective Agreement will take precedence.