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Bulletin From Your Board of Trust Wage Indemnity Plan

With the holiday season upon us and the trying year of 2022 nearly behind us the Trustee’s wanted to update you on a few items.

We want to inform you, the member, of some changes that you will see coming in 2023 to the documents and correspondence from Manion/SSQ.

In July of 2020, La Capitale and SSQ insurance merged. Policies and Plans continued under the respective company names, as everything was put into place for the name changeover to BENEVA.  In 2023, SSQ will begin their change over to the name BENEVA. Please rest assured that there are no changes to the policy. Your plan is owned by SSQ/BENEVA and administered by Manion Wilkins and Associated. An update will be provided when the documents are changed to reflect the new name.

Manion is presently adjudicating claims within 3 to 4 weeks from the registration date.

Manion hours for the holiday season are:

Friday Dec 23 – Closing at Noon (12:00h ET)
Monday Dec 26 – Closed
Tuesday Dec 27 – Closed
Wednesday Dec 28 – Regular hours
Thursday Dec 29 – Regular hours
Friday Dec 30 – Closing at Noon (12:00h ET)
Monday Jan 2 – Closed

500-21 Four Seasons Place
Toronto, ON M9B 0A5
By Fax to: 416-234-0127/1-855-665-7764, or
By Email to:
Toll Free-1-800-663-7849

The Application for Wage Indemnity Plan Benefits, including the Claimant’s Statement, Employer’s Statement and Physician’s Statement, should be completed as soon as you know you will be off work for more than 7 days. Your 7-day elimination period commences from the date of your first flight missed or first reserve day missed, if on reserve.

*Additionally, please submit the banking information and the disclosure form.

*The employer’s statement is sent directly to Manion from AC. When all the documents are received, the claim is registered.

Physician’s Statement
You must see a physician (MD) within 14 days of your first flight missed or first reserve day missed, if on reserve, in order to qualify for benefits commencing on the 8th day of your disability.

Have your treating physician complete the Physician’s Statement FULLY. Most claim delays are due to incomplete medical evidence. Please make sure that the physician’s name is legible and that the address and telephone number are complete.

*Clinical notes are requested and should be attached.

Have your physician clearly indicate the diagnosis, complications (if any), treatment, medication and all dates of visits.

If your physician does not know when you can return to work, an approximate date should be given.  Indicating “indefinite” will delay your claim.

If you are receiving treatment from any other medical practitioner who is not a licensed physician(MD), you must ALSO be under the regular and ongoing care of a licensed physician (MD).

Please sign the Authorization Request. If you do not sign this authorization statement your claim will be returned to you, resulting in a delay.

To access the WIP application package, click here for English.

Leave of absence granted (such as personal, educational, maternity, childcare, bereavement, or jury duty) other than inability to meet medical standards (IMMS): your coverage may be continued for a maximum duration of up to 24 months.

*Reminder a LOA = a release from a pairing when it is requested by you the Employee.

If your leave of absence of 16 (sixteen) or more calendar days precedes your vacation and you have not prepaid the premium for that leave of absence, coverage will not be reinstated until you return to active work.

Prepayment of premiums is not required for an absence from the payroll of 15 (fifteen) calendar days or less. Prepayment of premiums is required for an absence from the payroll of 16 (sixteen) or more calendar days for one of the following reasons. You must prepay the required premium in full within 30 days in order to be eligible for benefit consideration following the end of any of these periods.

Your claim will be processed when the claimant’s statement, the employer’s statement and the physician’s statement have all been received. You should therefore follow up with your employer and your physician to ensure the forms are completed in a timely manner and avoid delay of benefits due to late submission.

It is your responsibility to submit proof of disability within:

(a) 30 days of your first flight missed or first reserve day missed, if on reserve;
(b) 30 days of the termination of your disability benefits under the Employment Insurance Act of Canada in order to reinstate your claim under this Wage Indemnity Plan; and
(c) 30 days of the recurrence of a disability.


Please (click here) to review the WIP financial summary.

On Behalf of The Board of Trust,

Patricia Eberley
Administrative Consultant

NOTE:  All Policy Booklet information can be accessed on the Air Canada Component of CUPE web site

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