days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Bylaw Committee

The Bylaw Review Committee is an Ad Hoc Committee established under Section 9.2 of the Air Canada Component of CUPE bylaws. Its purpose is to review the Component Bylaws and present bylaw amendments and/or additions to ACCEX, which will make final recommendations to be adopted by a Membership referendum vote. A member of ACCEX will liaise with the Committee and be present at all meetings to ensure directions of ACCEX is being followed.

The Bylaw Committee will be composed of one (1) Committee Chair, (1) Component Member, and Five (5) Local Component Members, all of which are appointed by the Component President and should not be an existing member of the Air Canada Component Executive (ACCEX).

The Bylaw Review Committee Members Shall:

1) Review and make recommendations on amendments and/or additions to the Component Bylaws. All Component Bylaw amendments and/or additions shall be presented to ACCEX for final recommendation to the membership.

2) Attend all Bylaw Committee Meetings.

3) Comply with Section 13 of the Air Canada Component Bylaws regarding the Procedure to Amend Component Bylaws.

4) Comply to Section 13.1 of the Air Canada Component Bylaws Internal decision making of the Component Bylaw Committee should adhere

The Bylaw Review Committee Shall Not:

1) Have the power to make any decision binding on the Union.

2) Send out any type of communication to the Membership or the Company without the express written consent of the Component President.

As Special Assignment is defined as quasi management in the Collective Agreement, any member who is on a Special Assignment shall continue to pay dues and be eligible for voting but must resign from any CUPE position and shall not be eligible for nomination or appointment to any office or Committee in the Union.

All Committees and Committee Members shall adhere to the Component Expense policy.