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Cabin Heat

In hot weather with a full load of passengers boarded, the cabin temperature can increase at a rate of approximately 0.5C (1F) per minute.

The government regulations state that temperatures onboard should not go above 29 degrees:

Aviation Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (AOHSR) 7.1:
If reasonably practicable*, the air temperature on board an aircraft shall be maintained at a level of not less than 18°C and not more than 29°C.

*Transport Canada has previously stated that it is reasonable for the company to provide heating/cooling equipment at its gates.

– When it’s above 14C (57F) outside, cabin ventilation or cooling needs to be set up by ground staff according to company procedures.

– The Mainline IFS Policy Health and Safety Committee has recognized heat/cold as a workplace hazard:

Heat: Contact Stoc/PIC to ensure GPU or APU for air conditioning is turned on. Discontinue boarding and/or board when temperature is adequate. The jacket may be removed, as per the May 1st [2018] Move Me News. For safety reasons, it must always be worn for take-off, landing and in emergency situations. Drinking water, cooling breaks. In the June 1st [2018], Move Me News, it was announced that Crew Members are permitted to wear short sleeves for the J class service. Further concerns about the uniform should be referred to your local Manager.

– Notify the Captain/STOC immediately who can notify the appropriate ground staff to address the issue, as per ground procedures. And ask to hold off boarding if the cabin temperature is not conducive to safe occupancy.

– Closing window shades may assist in cooling down the cabin.

It is crucial to submit a health and safety complaint about any suspected hazards to the company. This ensures that it is documented for statistical trending, investigated, and ultimately permits you to refer your complaint to the health and safety committee is the employer isn’t able to resolve it with you directly.

A health and safety complaint can be filed on the iPad if you are an in-charge or via

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