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Calling Crew Scheduling Versus Globe Notification Acknowledgement

The Union has issued bulletins in the past regarding Globe notifications and how they should NOT be utilized to “acknowledge” an assignment or reassignment, whether you are a regular blockholder or reserve blockholder.

“REMINDER Regarding Notification: Globe is not considered an official notification tool sanctioned by the Union. In our opinion a direct conversation with a crew scheduler is the only way that you can be definitively notified of a change.”

On February 8, 2022, the Union became aware that the Company issued a bulletin entitled “Assignment Notifications Updated in globe Information System” which stated exactly the opposite!  Crew Scheduling prefers that you click on “acknowledged” instead of having crew members contact them. The Union asked the Company to retract or correct their bulletin, but they refused.  Our Collective Agreement is very clear regarding the requirement to make a call to crew scheduling and confirm the assignment.  Please reference the following Collective Agreement articles (B6.03.01.02, B6.03.02.02, B8.13, B8.25.01, B10.01, B10.03.01) and Click Here to review the bulletin sent on Block Rule Violations and Globe Notifications.

Acknowledging your assignment via Globe notification should be avoided at all costs as the protections for you when doing so are not there.  When you call crew scheduling, the conversations are recorded and if there is ever a misunderstanding or dispute, the Union can request the taped conversation to review what was said.  If a grievance is filed, the taped conversation is crucial evidence needed to strengthen your case in the hopes of a successful resolution.

Also, the Union is aware that at times, errors can be made whereby an assignment is sent to a crew member that is not yet final.  If a member acknowledges the assignment, and it is later changed, it could result in missing your final pairing, being late, or showing up to something you were no longer required for, and we want to avoid any of these scenarios. An additional point to understand about this process is that there are two save options in Netline when changing/building pairings. Occasionally schedulers will click the Finish/Save and Notify button instead of the Finish/Save button while working on a pairing that is still not complete. This sends a notification and allows the member to see the pairing in globe mobile and acknowledge the changes, despite it being an error.  This is one of the problems that we identify with using Globe to acknowledge changes.

Please remember the Union is here to protect you and your rights and to ensure that the Collective Agreement is followed. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact your Local Union office for assistance.

In solidarity,