days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Canada’s Flight Attendants & COVID-19 Vaccines

In November I advised you that I had reached out to Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu regarding the news of multiple effective COVID-19 vaccines on the horizon. You can view that bulletin HERE.  Since then I have continued to lobby the government, on behalf of the over 15,000 flight attendants represented by CUPE.

In December I wrote to each of the Premiers across Canada asking that their Provincial Government consider flight attendants as “those contributing to the maintenance of other essential services for the functioning of society” and “those whose living or working conditions put them at elevated risk of infection” under the government’s Preliminary guidance on key populations for early COVID-19 immunization.

Click HERE to view my letter to each of the Premiers.

Last week when I had not heard back I sent a follow up letter to each of the Premiers.

Click HERE to view my follow up letter to each of the Premiers.

Flight attendants clearly meet the government’s stated criteria for early immunization and it is important that they consider this information as they determine their priorities for early immunization.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE