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Casablanca (CMN) Layover Safety

As a result of a recent incident in Casablanca (CMN), the Union wishes to remind its members of some important facts about this destination and recommended layover safety practices.
Global Affairs Canada advises that (

  • The laws of Morocco prohibit sexual acts between individuals of the same sex. LGBTQ2 travellers should carefully consider the risks of travelling to Morocco.
  • Women travelling alone may be subject to certain forms of harassment and verbal abuse.
  • Extramarital sexual relations are illegal, and hotels may refuse to allow couples who are unable to provide proof that they are married to stay in the same room, although foreigners are almost always exempt from this.
  • Possession of pornographic material is illegal.
  • Alcohol consumption outside of licensed bars, hotels, and restaurants is prohibited. Offenders may be punished by detention or other penalties. Alcohol can be purchased from licensed stores for private consumption.

The Union stresses the importance of the following safety practices:

  • In order to prevent extortion attempts and other complications based on allegations of extra-marital or same-sex relations, at this time the Union strongly advises against inviting anyone into your hotel room, especially non-crew.
  • Do not announce your room number at any time in a public place. If the reception announces your room number, request a room change.
  • Do not enter your hotel room if you arrive to find the door unlocked or tampered with in any way.
  • Ensure to verify the identity of anyone wanting access to your hotel room prior to releasing the security bolt and opening the door. Verbal and visual verification via the peep-hole should be made. If in doubt do not open the door.
  • Practice good digital hygiene, including the removal of any apps, material or browser history from your devices which could be considered pornographic or used to solicit sexual relations.
  • Travel in groups.
  • If you must go out alone, let a colleague know your whereabouts, or leave a note in your room.

Participate in making your, and everyone else’s layover safe by using and sharing the following tools:

EMERGENCY LINE Toll Free from North America
For inquiries that
cannot wait for
office hours.
Collect from Europe and African Destinations.
From Asia, Australia, South America, or if experiencing difficulties, send an email.
Emails MUST include the following information:

  • First + Last Name
  • Employee #
  • Rouge or Mainline
  • Base
  • Reason for correspondence

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