Upcoming EAP Webinar – Making Cents of Money: Budgeting 101

Making Cents of Money: Budgeting 101
Monday, September 20, 2021, 12:00 – 13:30 EDT
Participants will learn the 7 steps to budgeting which will help them take control of their finances and give them peace of mind.

This webinar will be conducted by Tim St. Vincent of the Credit Counselling Society.  There is a maximum of 100 participants and the spots will be given out on a first come, first served basis.  This webinar is being offered in English only.

Tim St. Vincent, CEPF, is the Credit Counselling Society’s Financial Educator for the GTA and surrounding area, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, and is based out of Winnipeg. Tim has over 25 years experience in Financial Services and is a retired Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Tim also taught the CFP program for several years, completed the Canadian Securities Course (Hons.), achieved his Certificate In Management (C.I.M.) Hons. and is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF). Tim believes strongly in the power of education, planning and acting on your plan.

To register, please email mindfulness@accomponent.ca. In your email please include your full name and employee number and put “Registration for Budgeting Webinar” as the subject line.  All Credit Counselling Society sessions will use the CCS RingCentral system.  Meeting links will be sent to those that register.

In Solidarity,

Mary Keough
Chair, Component EAP Committee

COVID-19: What is Languishing and Why is it Important?

June 2021 Life Lines – Healthy Relationships

Homewood HealthTM EFAP is pleased to release the Life Lines article for June 2021, “Healthy Relationships” .

This article is intended to support your wellness programming by providing employees and their family members with useful information and tips. Suggested distribution mechanisms include posting it on your intranet site, printing hard copies to be placed in high traffic areas such as staff lounges and lunchrooms, making it available in Human Resources and occupational health centres, mass email distribution, or including within your company communications.

Understanding the complexities and demands of your day, Homewood Health is pleased to provide article summaries in both video and audio file formats. Each file is approximately two minutes in duration and reviews key reading points in a clear and concise manner. Please click on the tabs below for access.

View the Article


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Download the Audio File

EAP Webinar – “Retirement – Are You Ready”

Due to high demand, Part I of the “Retirement – Are You Ready” webinar will be offered once again, in English, on April 27th from 1200-1345 EDT.

Part I
Are you retired or thinking of retiring?  Are you ready?  There are many aspects to retiring, and it is important that you are prepared. In 2000 18% of retirees retired with debt.  That number is now projected to be 67%.  Maybe not so coincidentally 67% of retirees continue to support their adult children. 47% of retirees worry about debt in retirement and the credit bureaus rank the 55+ and 65+ age groups as being at the highest level of risk for delinquencies and bankruptcies.  Come to our session, Retirement – Are You Ready Part I and learn what steps you should take to identify your debt and steps to tackle it.  Examine your sources of income, their respective tax implications and other areas of importance.

PLEASE NOTE: This presentation will be about things you need to look at going into retirement. The presenter is not an Air Canada employee and will not be able to answer any questions regarding the current Retirement Incentive from the Company.

To register for Part I of the “Retirement – Are You Ready” Webinar, please email mindfulness@accomponent.ca. In your email please include your full name and employee number.

– – –

As a reminder, Part II of the “Retirement – Are You Ready” Webinar is currently only available in English and will run on April 29th from 1200-1330 EDT.

Part II
At any age, but especially as you approach retirement, there are certain items that we all need to attend to but put off.  Are you financial and household papers in order?  If you were to pass now would your spouse, your Executor be able to figure things out or would they have to deal with a mess of papers while struggling with their grief?  Are you comfortable with the differences between an Executor, a Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Directive?  Are you familiar with Wills, Probate, the cost of Probate and how to bypass this cost?  What happens to your debts when you pass, do they go to your spouse and other survivors?  Is there a way to help minimize costs associated with estate settlement?  Come to our session, Retirement – Are You Ready Part II and learn the answers to these and other questions.

To register for Part II of the “Retirement – Are You Ready” Webinar click on the following link:

In Solidarity,

Mary Keough
Chair, Component EAP Committee