Update Regarding Calgary

We wanted to reach out to you all as there is a lot of misinformation and confusion still out there in regard to Calgary.

We have been in discussions with the Company on this issue since its announcement of the network changes that will affect the base’s flying.

We can confirm the following:

* There will be no layoffs and/or forced transfers as a result of this recent announcement.
* All provisions of LOU60 will apply, as Air Canada is no longer invoking Force Majeure.
* L60.02.03 clearly states there shall be no Air Canada Mainline base closures during the life of this LOU.
* The assignment and distribution of flying will continue to be based on operational and language requirements as per normal planning procedures.

Many have reached out on transferring to other bases, the Company advised the following:

Should YYC based crew who have less than 6 months service wish to be considered for a base transfer, they may add their names to the base transfer list, and we will review and award by seniority and availability/vacancies at the other bases, in accordance with the existing base transfer process. Currently, crew members can list themselves on the base transfer request list which is processed on a monthly basis. Version 1 – 08/31/23 Additional information can be found on the Portal under IFS > Crew Scheduling and Planning > Base Transfers. The next deadline to list for a base transfer is September 6, 2023, for November 23 block month.

Your Union is clearly unhappy with this announcement, and we completely understand the negative feeling this has for many.

As issues come up, we deal with them with the Company and have had open dialogue on this front since the beginning.  Please continue to reach out with any questions you have on this, we are here to address issues that come forward.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE

Kim Wentzell
President, Local 4095