days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

The Weekly Dispatch – IMMS Leaves

IMMS Leaves – Mainline

An IMMS leave is a leave that can be offered to some members. The acronym IMMS stands for: “Inability to Meet Medical Standards”. It relates in part to Article 16.05 of the Collective Agreement. Members are eligible for an IMMS leave if they are unable to meet medical standards to perform flight duties, i.e. are not fit to fly due to sickness or injury and have exhausted or do not qualify for paid sick leave, wage indemnity program (W.I.P.) payments, workers’ compensation, and/or other disability benefits. There is a requirement to provide medical substantiation of the inability to perform flight duties as part of the qualification for this leave. If you have any questions about this, we encourage you to reach out to your local office.

16.05 Where due to incapacity resulting from sickness or injury an employee is transferred outside the scope of this Agreement or is on leave of absence, s/he shall maintain and accrue seniority for three (3) years. At the termination of this period his/her name shall be removed from the seniority list. This period may be extended by mutual agreement between the Union and applicable company.

Leave of Absence – Rouge

If a Rouge member is not in receipt of disability benefits, they can reach out to OHS to request a medical leave. For this leave to be granted medical substantiation must be provided and support the leave.

The Gilded Age?

In recent days we have all learned that Air Canada CEO Mike Rousseau has received a massive bonus. He received a $2.6-million bonus which is a part of a $12.08-million total compensation package.

Even though Air Canada stock did not perform well this bonus was provided due to the strong financial success of Air Canada in 2023. We believe that the strong financial success that was experienced was due in great part to the contributions of our members.

Each year we wait to see what bonuses will be paid to executives and we compare the salary that they receive with that of the employees. It is not surprising that Canada’s 100 highest-paid chief executive officers — who are overwhelmingly male — were paid an average of $14.9 million in 2022, 246-times more than the average employee wage and setting a record, according to a new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

This is all being provided at a time when many of our members are struggling to make ends meet and to put food on their table.

This year it was announced that Profit Sharing will be provided to Air Canada employees.  It will be very interesting to see how profit sharing is provided and how this compares to that which Mr. Rousseau received.

Of course, we would like to have our members paid a living wage for all hours on duty and many studies indicate the value and the importance of employee engagement and fair wages. If the company were to pay wages that were aligned with the cost of living this would have sent the message that they want our members to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Unfortunately, they did not provide this.

We all know that collective bargaining is just around the corner and understand the importance of this round. After ten years, we are taking our rightful place at the table and seeking fair compensation for all the invaluable work that is provided day to day, night to night, and flight to flight by you the members. In the interim we shall all watch carefully to see what, if any, employee engagement looks like and whether we will see it thrive or whether talk of engagement is just empty words.

In solidarity,

Secretary Treasurer Q2 Report – February 2024

Please see an update below regarding the financial affairs of the Component.

Banking and Investments
As of February 29, 2024 we have:

Meridian Bank :

  • $1,252,814 @ 3.45% Maturing on May 6, 2024

Desjardins Credit Union :

  • $3,300,000 @ 5.75% Maturing on August 24, 2024
  • $1,100,000 @ 5.75% Maturing on September 19, 2025
  • $1,400,000 @ 4.80% Maturing on February 26, 2026

We also have a balance of approximately $1,100,000 in our savings account, earning 5% interest.

Statement of Operation

Q2 2023 (October 2023 – December 2023)
Please see below the Unaudited Statement of Operation for the 2nd quarter of 2023-2024, covering the period between October 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

Highest Earner report Q1:
Oct. 2023 – $14,154.67
Nov. 2023 – $9,462.00
Dec. 2023 – $10,950.00

Our three Component Trustees have completed the 2021-2022 audit.  We had requested that our trustees conduct a 2021-2022 trustee audit to facilitate ACCEX in receiving funds from CUPE National for a cost-sharing campaign. Subsequently, for the upcoming audit, we will resume auditing chronologically, commencing with the fiscal year of 2018. The trustee report for the 2021-2022 audit is available on the Component website.

Happy flying,

Guillaume Leduc
Secretary-Treasurer, Air Canada Component of CUPE

Pink Shirt Day 2024

As the sun sets on Pink Shirt Day 2024, let us carry forward the spirit of unity and compassion that defined today’s observance. Let us continue to champion kindness in all that we do and remain steadfast in our commitment to building a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Pink Shirt Day originated from a simple act of kindness back in 2007, when two courageous students in Canada stood up against bullying by wearing pink shirts in support of a fellow student who was bullied for wearing pink. Since then, Pink Shirt Day has evolved into a global movement, inspiring millions of individuals to speak out against bullying and spread messages of empathy and respect.

We encourage you to keep the conversation going beyond Pink Shirt Day. Let’s remain vigilant in our efforts to promote empathy, understanding, and respect every day of the year. Let us continue to stand up against bullying in all its forms and work tirelessly to create safe and welcoming environments where everyone feels valued and accepted.

Pink Shirt Day serves as a poignant reminder that kindness has the power to transcend boundaries and bring people together. Together, we can make a difference and build a brighter, kinder future for all.

In solidarity,