days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Central Site


1. The Committee shall comprise of two (2) Central Site representatives appointed by the Component President, with one representative that works out of Air Canada Headquarters in YUL and one representative that works out of the Air Canada Operations Centre in YYZ. The Component President will appoint one (1) of the representatives as Chair for Central Site.

2. Prioritize the Central Site work as assigned by the Component President first and by the Locals as second.

3. Liaise between the Union and the Company, and between the Union and its blocking representatives, in giving the Union’s position or decision, when necessary. In both instances, the Union position will be given, in writing by the Component Officers or the ACCEX to the Central Site Representatives for clarity.

4. Does not have the power to make decisions binding on the Union. If Component or Local officers are unavailable and a decision must be taken, the Central Site Representative may do so without prejudice and will advise the Company of the without prejudice decision. He/she will contact the Component officers of the decision, as soon as possible.

5. Is expected to oversee the general application of the Collective Agreement and will report to the Component/Locals inconsistencies or irregularities in application of the Collective Agreement from base to base or person to person. He/she will also provide documentation relating to those irregularities or inconsistencies.

6. Gather information as per Article 20 of the Collective Agreement.

7. Report to the Component President a least once a month verbally or in writing, and report to the quarterly Regular ACCEX meetings in writing.

8. Manage the approved Central Site budget in accordance with the Component bylaws.

9. Promote the Union policy by having a minimum of two CUPE representatives whenever possible when meeting with the employer on official union business.

10. Confirm all verbal communications with the Company in writing.

11. Verify that flight release and top up requests for the Component Officers and Locals are properly actioned by the employer and report any discrepancies to the Component President.

12. Verify and suggest highest earner for the Component Officers.

As Special Assignment is defined as quasi management in the Collective Agreement, any member who is on a Special Assignment shall continue to pay dues and be eligible for voting but must resign from any CUPE position and shall not be eligible for nomination or appointment to any office or Committee in the Union. They shall not be eligible to attend meetings of the Union except with the approval of a majority of the members at such meetings.