days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.


SUBJECT: Duty Period Limitations (Official Forecast)
DEPARTMENT: Mr. Michael McCrory, Director, Air Canada Labour Relations – IFSNATURE OF THE GRIEVANCE:
The Union claims that Air Canada violated the Collective Agreement and is filing a Policy Grievance. Specifically, Air Canada is in violation of Article B5.02.03 by failing to provide Cabin personnel the accurate updated official forecast time, thus refusing to recognize Cabin Personnel’s options when a duty period is projected to exceed the limitation. Air Canada is also in violation of the joint bulletin issued to members dated March 11th, 2016.
We submit this grievance under articles/clauses 3, 13, B5, B14, L18, L22, all other pertinent sections of the Collective Agreement, and any other relevant legislation, act, or statute.

  1. Air Canada abide by the Collective Agreement;
  2. Cease and desist practices that prevent Cabin Personnel from exercising their rights under B5.02.03, B14, L18, L22 when a duty period is projected to exceed the limitation;
  3. Cease and desist failing to provide cabin personnel the accurate updated official forecast;
  4. Revise the official forecast prior to closing the aircraft door and pushing the aircraft away from the gate;
  5. Make all affected employees whole;
  6. The Union be awarded any damages deemed appropriate by the Arbitrator;
  7. Air Canada provide any other relief deemed appropriate by the Arbitrator.

We request a hearing within the contractual time limits and that the Company provide all documentation relied upon in this matter.
Signature of Employee(s) or Union Officer
Name of Union Officer Originating Grievance: Marie-Hélène Major, President, Air Canada Component of CUPEDate: September 20, 2017

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